Hou Xiaoqiang the knee and poison, dedicated to 90

a few weeks ago one day ago, Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang issued the day after the dinner invitation prompted by a sudden impulse to 45 of his old friends, and later to 40. He said that since December 2013, leaving the grand literature, he and the circle of people almost nothing.

Hou Xiaoqiang attended the dinner table sat two celebrities, including 70 year old Zhou Guoping, 60 year old Zheng Yuanjie, more than and 40 year old Liu Xiaoqing, Chen Tong, Liu Chun, Li Jing and Zhu Zheqin etc..

I didn’t introduce (to the launch of a new product) "poison", "Hou Xiaoqiang said," I told them that the past year I have seen their feelings after almost 100 more than 90, I feel that in the era of change."

Hou Xiaoqiang repeated what he said to the tiger sniffing that night:

"ten years ago, we all like these are the mainstream people fully deserve, the mainstream is the mainstream and non mainstream non mainstream is quite distinct from each other.

five or six years ago, I suddenly found that the mainstream Baidu search hot words, I was thinking ‘non mainstream’ is likely to become mainstream in the future.

"today I want to inform you that our generation is a non mainstream, because once the" non mainstream "has become the mainstream, we think we’re still culture goers, we thought we were leading culture, but in fact, after 90, 95 town youth, grass root youth, now is really kill Matt the mainstream consumer network, leading network. What they’re talking about, you probably don’t know, their way of speaking, their system of identification is different from ours. We’re not leading them. The question is whether we can be led by them.

is not the same as the times. We do not embrace after 90 will be eliminated."

According to Hou Xiaoqiang

, during which people laugh: "still think you are full of feelings, how now 90, even that feelings are not."

Hou Xiaoqiang has made no secret of their attention and preference for 90, he summed up his experience in several key words: the Sina keyword is from the media, in the words of royal literature is IP, and now the key is 90.

"in general, I think I should check more accurate or on," Hou Xiaoqiang said, "this year I did not follow the circle of people, did not accept the media interview, some people think that I am a monk, some people think that I am a psychiatric hospital."

Hou Xiaoqiang said, in fact, I met more than and 100 a year after 90. One of my daily work is to see the Sina hot search, the first to see who who who who fire the fire red, red I go who posted for second, I want to see this era of emotional and aesthetic, to see what can arouse the interest of all."

"you can say that I am utilitarian, I am not afraid of others say me. Casual."


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