The editor became sadder and sadder

network editor, or website editor, used to be my dream job.


first dreamed of this position, I was a programmer who co – engineered an industry portal and wrote programs. Work with a large amount of code every day to combat SQL databases.

I love literature and I also like writing website programs. I thought the website editor could combine my two hobbies at the time.

then there was an expedition.

was found in practice, and website editor is the horizon in the article called: the uncrowned king of thieves. A network porter who does not need technology and needs no literary talent. You need to: Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V will hold the key, the keyboard will be the title shortened or expanded to the number of characters required by PhotoShop interval, clipping to the specified pixel, of course, as an outstanding editor of the website, the best you have, will be familiar to you all hot words and not familiar with the array into the most attractive title to lure readers to click, the content is not important, it is the click at the end of the year is more important.

from the morning, our website editor sitting in front of the computer, even without Restroom time should not have, you like an octopus, began to work. The first step is of course open web content management program, and then open the N IE window (if you are a skilled Porter, you will know that in the current IE window to press the Ctrl-N button to open a new window, may go out Restroom time for you). There is no doubt that this computer IE favorites, should be the same and you edit website content channel properties of the web site, let us sure that there must be some web site, is your company or privately or publicly listed as competitors web site (in the friend know through not idle principle, you browse these sites regularly up no ground for blame). Then you quickly see these pages (forgot to say, website editor another skill is Yimushixing, of course, this is to quickly find a handling target and determine whether a target for us to use the necessary), find work in your favor as long as the article, this article is not that few competitors exclusive you can see the opportunity, come up with special handling skills, you are such an article, successfully copied to your company’s website management program.

if you think you’re done, then you’re not a qualified Internet editor, but really a web worker. The editor is detached and culture, you have to do some culture, people should do things. For example: the title will be changed more in line with your website code, on the website home page news is the number of characters on the front page of the website channel is the number of characters, the page is the number of characters, there are regulations expressly provided, not one, not one less.


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