The earliest mistakes you can make in building a website

more and more owners to bid farewell to the dumpster era, engaged in industry and local portal team, many webmaster is from the starting station trash do, in the construction and promotion of industry station and local portal station, it is easy to make some common mistakes, the author’s own practical experience and lessons all the webmaster friends here, with a simple discuss, I hope that friends generous with your criticism.

website release time slow

in the early days of website construction, there will be a period of “difficult”, that is, early development, in a sense, this is an inherent characteristic.

is a web site, as long as it is not released, it is not true, whatever you think of how to improve the site, in the pro released on the occasion, there are a lot of things to do, the situation is It is quite common for the. Another purpose of the release is through user feedback, you can really understand what to do. There are some problems with the website is linked to the slow pace of work, such as too slow, there is no real problem clear, fear the same deal with the user, afraid of other people’s comments, distracted too much, too perfect and so on, to solve these problems, only need to push yourself to something can be released as soon as possible, in this aspect. We might learn GJJ development fast allusion net approach.

website releases premature

‘s premature release is far less common than slow release, but not without. The risk of premature release is the possibility of losing early users. In the early days, users will not be able to come back if they find a lot of unsatisfied places on the site after browsing your website.

if you want a website, what is the minimum requirement? We should seriously consider in the construction site at the beginning of what you want to do, to define its core content, the website at the time of publication of these core content must be complete, in fact need to impress the user is easy, they do not expect the function equal to anything. But how many sites, should be able to provide some practical services for users.

started with big and full

Rome is not built in a day, many webmaster is single-handed, personal energy and limited funds, “in the beginning of the site do not do”, should start small, to achieve the ultimate, and then consider the horizontal development, now a successful website at the beginning of the establishment are small and only follow the author, in the direction of “personal Webmaster: large and small but as” a paper has discussed this problem, known as the 55 stage only LOGO generation, with a fixed group of users to do now webmaster forum, stationmaster net is early do webmaster information and trading it’s the webmaster navigation, also recently began operations. In short, a hand can only hold a sparrow, personal Adsense in the early do not consider doing too many channels, first focus on fire, do a good, and then horizontal development is easier, otherwise, easy to lose all”.


site is not located

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