Novice half a day earn two hundred experience

I was a rookie in May built the first space station is a station of gender do domain name for two weeks to make sense of a station is too small so they built by the end of May Baidu has not changed the desperation meters has now included in June feel enough time it opened a 3G space station three 97ai now Baidu ranked second in 1 days of the other 1WIP also add up to about 6000 a day hanging advertising what nearly 200 of the income we did this time what too much experience personally feel that the site name m pretty important I 97ai this station contains meters the second is the key chain chain of the rankings have great influence on the third is the content of the original Baidu fourth most love every day Update such power again, fast ranking is also high, and keyword density to control properly, hope these can be useful to novice

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