One of the optimization of website structure

site optimization, the domestic SEOER are rarely speak, but some foreign articles, not a lot of system, because this is like D, not because of how hard it is website structure optimization, but this part of the content is too complicated, I also say I understand that I know a bit about it.

structure optimization involves the overall optimization of a website. Turn to say:

1, web directory hierarchy and URL

in principle, the fewer directories the web has, the better.

is like this, we all know that the search engine included your site is to rely on spiders or robots, it’s just a nickname, it is a program that depends on you submitted to the search engine’s address or connected by your external guide to his own website to take up your address, write to the database. Then the second bugs come to your website through the algorithm classification, and then included. This algorithm, that is, the last chapter of the game rules. If your site is good enough cattle fork, your address will be put into the search engine server memory, because it is faster than reading the database.

Long long ago, the machine memory and the hard disk is very expensive to drop, a lot of money D, so in principle your directory level better, so he put into the database or the number of bytes of memory is less, although the hardware has changed. But this one is still applicable.

, for example,

the latter is a higher priority than the former because it has a shallower directory hierarchy and fewer characters.

one more principle, the directory hierarchy should be 2-3 layers.

then the directory hierarchy is URL, so let’s talk about URL.

URL, for the GOOGLE, it’s better to have the English named URL, for example:

Chinese version of

Wall Street Journal

, two meters, Chinese means China, WSJ is the main meter of Wall Street, GB means encoding, and bg2312 can represent the meaning of Chinese mainland, index.asp, index index. Well, URL makes up a standard.

of course, for Baidu, the main meter of Pinyin will be more popular, and the name of the directory hierarchy, Pinyin, I do not feel English popular, the reason is not known for the time being, only when the practice of discovery, did not do

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