Share my process and discuss the link issue

everyone knows that the majority of the webmaster’s website’s main traffic is to rely on Baidu and Google these two search engines. SEO, there is a sentence that is the most important words: the content is king, the chain as the trump card. Simple word, believe that different webmaster understand is not the same, just like one thousand people in the eyes of one thousand Hamlett.

, such as the author, in doing the first station of the Chinese dream venture net, then into the webmaster community, read this sentence, every day to do the content, because I heard that can not be collected, can not use tools and so on. Every day on the original article, the original article into their own to write, and sometimes to Google and Baidu can’t climb to the QQ space to copy other people, and also make pseudo original article, find good article to change the title and the beginning of two hundred words. As can be imagined, find articles, selected articles, the article, so every day to update the site, need a lot of time and energy, although the day of 10 articles about the search engine also included about 70% of the proportion of the article. But the actual effect is not good, because I spent a lot of time and energy to update the article, feel very tired, no energy to do outside the chain, the site can also included than though, but every day with only more than 10 articles, the overall number included not to. It is difficult to find friendship with others. No one else would like to. It’s difficult to find someone to exchange links every day, and the effect is not good. The quality of the exchanged links is not high.

that lasted nearly two months, do stand in Iraq’s enthusiasm is slowly every day tired slowly drowning out. Go to stationmaster net to see again, say to do a station to want to insist, oneself obviously feel this kind of method is wrong however, cannot work at all. In business online hang Google Adsense included page because less, less traffic, and no energy to promotion, promotion of "how I only earn millions, inside the Internet business insider" in the QQ group, and other local promotion forum. There’s not much traffic. Just a few dollars a day income. I felt as if I had fallen into a strange vicious circle and began to give up the idea of giving up.

later because it is because adhere to the pseudo original, original update, key business plan, business network business stories, business network respectively on the first position of Baidu 5,14,32, but rarely the primary key to bring traffic. But another advantage is, ranking up, indicating that the weight of the site is also up, and began to have initiative to find me webmaster links. A business network exchange links with me, I found his station station later than I do half a month, a collection of nearly a million, and I included only one thousand pages. A question that he is collected by acquisition software, said the acquisition is not good. Is not good, but he included more pages, the home page although there is no keyword ranking, rely on a large number of pages to flow, but more than I. And he did a lot easier than I did, and several stations have been collected tens of thousands of pages. It triggered me and made me think about what the station should do for a couple of days, but it never stops changing tactics. This >

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