Several smart mistakes prone to run new websites

of different industries will have the so-called smart business people, possibly in a short time on the use of their cleverness obtained certain success, but from a long-term perspective, the so-called smart will eventually harm themselves, because they will not be able to achieve sustainable development. For web operators, their cleverness often results in a very short life cycle and a long – term profit effect.

for a regular operation of the website, you can get new, often in order to profit in a short time, they tend to choose some of the industry that has some clever operation methods, but these methods will eventually harm themselves, following the analysis of these so-called harm small smart.

first, grab a free meal. Many novice Adsense very much like to eat free meals, but when they finished eating, but found that it can not seem very efficient digestion, and eventually there are a variety of problems, leading to the operation of the site difficult. For example, now there are many websites on the Internet, free space, and even give a variety of free domain names. So many novice webmaster to the Internet to find some free site construction procedures, download some free site templates, began to build their own web site.

looks like the website also has a certain scale, and the speed of opening is not unbearable, but such sites often can’t open phenomenon, at the same time, the website will appear in a variety of advertising plug-ins, make it difficult to improve the user experience of the website, let stand the pain is long, often spend a lot of time the construction of the content and the chain, but found that their website is not always to be included in Baidu, so these seemingly free meal to novice webmaster is just wasting a lot of time.

second which kind of website does it work for?. For example, a few years ago the popular L-carnitine single page Taobao off site, so many stations grow up to make a fortune, so the Internet is full of single page Taobao guest website of these various profits products, but finally able to earn money is often a few, beginners can only belatedly, is made a yell, even the soup did not drink, so I have to say that is an error in the herd behavior. As for the novice webmaster friends, the imitation of the profit pattern of the most simple, if imitation is very timely, or to obtain a certain profit, but does not know that this is just a kind of opportunistic behavior, to eventually bring the website is devastating, because two years later, we basically do not see on the Internet L-carnitine site.

third, like to engage in gimmicks, do Title party. Many new sites in the edit website content, very love to do is edit your title Madden, looks very attractive, but when the user clicks on the website after they discovered that the title irrelevant the content and site of the article, the nature will let users have lost, and even feel anger because the feeling is the webmaster to deceive ourselves. >

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