Personal webmaster reading is very important, the environment is more important

many webmasters who are my age are discussing websites, jobs, prospects, money and so on. We are also 34 people, discuss these quite normal. I talk about my views, anyway, recently experienced relatively deep. Recently, for this unhappy brother, you can have a temper check.

remembers the third year when he was in pain because he wanted to choose. The most painful person, in fact, is the choice, after the choice of the remaining efforts, no pain, especially men, when you have goals, but is the most happy. There are always a lot of temptations in front of us, websites, traffic, advertising unit prices, all kinds of. I remember when I saw this, it was a lump in my head. I didn’t know how to do it. At that time, listening to other people’s opinions less, so took a lot of detours. Here, let me talk about my opinion and give you a reference.

, first of all, don’t think you’re smart. You can make a lot of money. In fact, the money you need three things: money, effort and luck. The three are equally important, there are many people who have financial intelligence and effort, is the lack of a money. Now many webmaster cattle to go, feel, do some than in the society well. This may be true. However, it is not to say that society is running for life and that it is impossible to do it in the future. It is important to keep your character and your thinking style. I personally think that if you do not have your own unique thinking and vision, in the Internet and society, it is difficult to have innovation and breakthroughs.

some webmaster feel that reading is better than doing a website, and often take a few drop out of site people to motivate themselves. In fact, I do not mean to waste time in college. I think so. A person’s ability in the Internet is there, and it is there. As long as you are not assimilated by nerds, it will not be lost. The ability to operate a web site can be cultivated and trained. Not to say that you do not read books, every day on the Internet, the future will be on the NB, the site will be hot. I’ve seen a lot of people don’t contact the website operation, read out after the start of the school website, hone, like cattle. On the contrary, some people who do not understand the Internet naturally, he is forced to start his own site since the same, do not understand the same, suffer the same. Anyway, I tend to be more natural, I think the training of the day after tomorrow is only to tap the innate potential. As long as you have this potential, you’ll be tapped out.

why do you want to read? Is very simple, to broaden their horizons, and meet the threshold requirements, I have time to develop their own resources, a lot of four. I believe that the problem horizons have nothing to say, a migrant workers may be harder and smarter than I am, but I don’t believe he can stand in an industry leader (except of course the tide of construction industry). Now China rich several, one is Lao Tzu cattle, he does not necessarily to cattle, one is decades of accumulated possessions here, there is the beginning of reform and opening up upstart (especially in Guangdong and other coastal areas), the last one is the so-called "new economy", "knowledge economy". If you can’t do it in front of you

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