Strong regression Where does genius network come from

here, first of all to say "Happy Mid Autumn Festival", I wish you all round and round, happy and safe.

following the start of his article: as China recruitment network of the traditional tyrannical was one of the big three network recruitment into the industry leader, the earliest and most abundant resources, also had its own spring. But the Internet is a product will never rest on our laurels in the industry, not the features of your product meets the needs of more people, then it will be abandoned by the user. Therefore, this also appeared the Chinese talent net because the operation question nearly closes the predicament.

, however, since the acquisition of the gifted group by the dragon group, the network has once again been given a chance to be reborn. But as a genuine online recruitment practitioners, from my own point of view, the various initiatives of ChinaHR very wise and very rational, compared to before, the miscellaneous information profit positioning vague, sense of hierarchy poor situation, now the network of excellence, put the Buddha found their true development direction, and I personally, if the network of excellence to develop according to the situation now, then return to the top three industries, the amount to about 20 percentage points to no problem.

so, what are the more important initiatives now,


reshaping new image, new idea. As a web site where brand values are "ruined", it’s important to give people a different image of the web. Because you have to let others know you again, have a different themselves, because they have failed to have their own brand with a layer of black fog, want to peel the black fog to achieve development and leap, unique is the key. Now the network of excellence to go this way, from the "find work that you love" to "perfect match", created by Qingli new brands, new ideas, new ideas, new ideas and fiery strikes, propaganda in 200 colleges and universities nationwide, let university job population peak life again now look at the network of excellence.

based on local, starting from the actual work. If the previous "elite network" failure is due to operational mistakes, it is better to say that the "elite" is out of the local development track. To employment talent network owners believe that although the network of excellence preparatory work channels are relatively perfect, but with the industry competition and its performance for the pursuit of unrealistic, so simply copy foreign model to the domestic users huge loss situation, now the network of excellence has been completely aware of this, it is the ultimate power users already know the website forward, no user support, the development of the website is very difficult. Moreover, rather than do some vase business, it is not true to do something, but this is a kind of integration of resources.

moreover, the Internet recruitment industry is now facing the problem of information congestion, the recruitment of both sides difficult to achieve matching problem, and the Chinese talent network is based on this point, find problems, ask questions, and will be their own

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