The new three board quality enterprises trade-offs of confusion innovation or PO

Abstract: in the face of innovation and IPO, three new board listed quality companies, will make what kind of choice? "A variety of factors that together trigger at the end of last year a number of new three companies fought IPO selection." Beijing, an industry source pointed out. And at this time, the news about the new three board layered gradually more up.


three new board listed companies, especially in the traditional sense is expected to get more capital to operate the quality of the space business, in the face of innovation and IPO will make what choice?

according to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter continued to follow that, after the new board of many high-quality companies began to accept IPO counseling, this message has repeatedly stimulated the market has been very depressed.

in the days before March 4th, Commission on a regular press conference, spokesman Zhang Xiaojun said the new three layered mechanism is expected to formally implemented in 2016 May, the policy innovation is more clear signal.

more than three new board listed companies and to do the market, in communication with reporters, was presented to the market under the perspective of a more vivid choice case.

the main tendency of enterprise thoroughlyAs for the reason of many

new board companies moved to A shares, a large listed brokerage in Beijing region people growth enterprise financing department said: "a factor two level market downturn is just a lot of new board companies began to shake, more important is to release public comments since the layered cloth market into a policy vacuum. In addition to the plate mechanism is still uncertain."

in addition to the new three board itself factors, the external policy changes also played a role in adding fuel to the flames.

November 6, 2015 the Commission press conference, spokesman Deng GE announced the resumption of IPO. It is also after the IPO restart, the new board to accept the number of IPO counseling began to become larger.

on the other hand, before the introduction of the new "Securities Law", Congress authorized the State Council according to the stock issuance registration system reform, the adjustment for the current "Securities Law" about the stock approval system regulations, specific regulations of the registration system reform to make special arrangements.

"various factors together since the end of last year triggered a number of new three companies fought IPO selection." Beijing, an industry source pointed out.

new three board business owners may choose to change recently. According to the latest market signals, Founder Securities Institute Gregory pointed out: "from the reform of the registration system, in particular, last year, including the beginning of the development of the plan is to make the registration as a key, but this year did not emphasize this, did not regard it as the focus of this year, that may very cautious in this regard. I think it might be delayed."

and at this time, the news about the three new board layered gradually more up.


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