3 months to build 3000 flow female station method and experience

before Lu Songsong in the blog on the submission of 2 articles, one of which is the "secret women station is how to earn millions" at the time of submission of this article is controversial, there will be a lot of questions. However, it is gratifying that there are many webmaster plus me, and said I read the article after understanding.

In my last article,

also promised to write out some of my experiences and methods and start on a loose blog, and there are a lot of webmasters who want to know how I do it. So today I took the time to finish it..

before writing, respond to those questioned friends, all day nothing to attack other people, not only do not respect the original author of the work and share the spirit, but also deliberately stepped low, discredit other people. You have the ability to write a few articles to see. If you have done any successful stories or published any great articles, please send them. If you don’t, please don’t step on someone else. If the Internet is such a person, would anyone like to share it? Don’t you just want to see screenshots? I’ll take a look at some of them.



then sold A5’s post,


(in A5 transactions, $30 thousand in records, excluding 1% intermediary fees)

also questioned the site I do now poor rankings, in fact, this station I operated for about 10 days. We check this station before the hair chain outside what? Before hanging for six months, basically no care. The goal is to plan the beginning of this year’s wife’s birth. Do I have 2 servers and dozens of stations, too? Do I have to operate at the same time?.


, go ahead and get to the topic today. After you read it, you should be able to tell whether it is true or not.

(Note: reprint articles of friends, please respect, and the above part of the beginning is also reproduced. Otherwise, please don’t Reprint)

failed in industry and became a professional webmaster

from web enthusiasts

I’ve always opened my own shop before becoming a professional webmaster. As for what shop, I do not want to say, because I do not want to cause too much doubt. The shop was co operated by 3 people and invested 250 thousand. In the first 3 months, everyone worked harder, earning about 7 to 80 thousand of them. But later, shareholders began to have contradictions, mainly because one of the younger, and there are hidden games. After third months of open shop, the new period has been running to the Internet bar. The other one, he’s always like this, just doesn’t come. And then the meeting of shareholders became me. I have the most shares, so I’m ahead of him

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