Do not rely on PR, relying on word of mouth, micro community 16 million access WeChat 300 thousand

Canada home, North America’s largest Chinese new media, as early as the PC era, created a miracle of overseas Chinese portal community. At present, Canada home, to the mobile terminal, do not rely on PR, publicity, relying on users to share, WeChat end users reached 300 thousand, micro community opened in June, visited over 16 million overseas visit micro community first.

mobile in the "troubled times", many owners are still confused, Canada Home founder of WeChat and Ferguson said, micro community is the core of Canada home mobile, the mobile micro communities have to how to do the best interpretation! In financing 30 million, Canadian homes will force WeChat, micro community commercial. As a veteran of the mobile Internet, in the operation of the mobile terminal, Ferguson experience is: we must consider carefully whether you want to do what, what to do in which specific vertical industries, the mobile terminal must not be large and small, and some beautiful things.

for the following interview full text:

little micro: when did Canadian homes begin? What stages did they go through,


Canada Home: 2002, Canada home site was originally a PC forum, the original intention is to be a help, sharing community, help the Chinese in Canada and "on the road" and later, to become Canada’s "knowledge on community". 2 and a half years ago, we began to move, to move the product nirvana, the opportunity also followed WeChat. We are a Tencent WeChat public number the first batch of users, but also the micro community the first batch of users, the continuation of PC community "or" style, we expect the micro community for the user to build a mutual sharing a platform, users in finding questions, find answers, other users to provide answers from their own point of view. Existing home mobile end products and PC end is not one, but also relatively more independent. And the Canadian home A round of financing institutions for mobile team injection.

small micro: WeChat public number has been operating for two years, now how many fans? In the operation of fans, do you have any special way?

Canada Home: Canada’s WeChat public, currently has about 300000 fans, and is growing at a higher rate every day. We have no special way in the operation of fans, we do not do their own PR, publicity, entirely by users, high-quality content to share. PC era, our mailbox registered users is 150 thousand, WeChat (iask-ca) 2 years has 300 thousand, basically is now relying on WeChat users feed PC.

small micro: what are your fans’ characteristics? Why don’t you get flour by PR?

Canada Home: our user groups are divided into four categories: 1, Chinese living in North America; 2, students, parents of students; 3, the domestic high-end white-collar love travel and yearning for North American life; 4, are in the process of immigration, study abroad, travel related people. You can see, we >

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