How does individual stationmaster establish exclusive website brand

in the era of rapid growth of Internet penetration, links and so on, is undoubtedly one of the most common terms in the Internet industry. Most of the webmaster, regardless of the old and new owners, in the website promotion process seems to be such a thinking, that is to maximize their website publicity out is successful, and called "the chain". So, we have seen countless spam links with Internet, the result is the increasingly sophisticated users of the link prohibitive, we can see that the portal Sina, began to block Taobao by our guest link, even on Tencent QQ users publish unknown links taboo moshen. Based on this, the author attempts to put aside their own experiences, the chain from the perspective of another thinking on how to set up the exclusive personal webmaster website brand.

1. Brand name choice

1, the uniqueness of brand names

we all know that "things are scarce", but in practice, we tend to forget this and blindly follow the trend. Others do hao123 see today, also to imitate hao123 tomorrow; others say a single page weight list is money, the impulse to spend less than half an hour of copying a single page to lose weight, the most terrible is the title content wholly intact copy. As a result, the garbage dump is rampant, and the user is not sure which is your station. The ranking is very unstable, and the Baidu K station is still standing, and the owner is also blaming Baidu for being unkind. Visible, establish individual website brand to be imperative. And to avoid involvement in the above "disputes", to maintain personal website brand uniqueness is the best choice. The author’s station "360 weight loss net" follows this rule. How to keep your brand is the only? Very simple, good idea of your brand name, then use Baidu search, if the search page can not find exactly match your brand name, you found your unique brand name, you can use it.

2, the brand name of

to remember

that doesn’t need much explanation. Many well-known websites are focusing on the website to remember the brand. Such as hao123, Baidu, NetEase and so on. "360 weight loss nets" also basically follow this important rule.

3, with the target keyword

this rule makes your brand more attractive to target users and avoid useless work. For example, your brand is "weight loss 123", the theme of the website is pig, the results can be imagined, the consequences are very serious.

two, brand domain name selection

about this, I believe that many webmaster has been instilled into such an idea, that is, domain names like beauty skirts, the back of the phrase we all know. In fact, these ideas are somewhat misleading. Not to question, such as, domain name is a good domain name, but how many webmaster can have? So don’t care too much about the domain name, and even don’t care too much about the domain name itself. In fact, most Internet users don’t remember your domain name or enter your URL in the address bar. >

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