Confused as a new station owner

do a webmaster has half the time, a word, tired, tired and there is no end to vote, day and night two dizzy flower, the spirit of the poor. And don’t give up the network in the world, it even girlfriend ran away, do really very lonely?


first started, has a keen interest in the website, she also bought the book and began to study, learning, can not learn as a master. With the rapid development of the Internet, the network resources are also very rich up. At the beginning, to find yourself in more the need for software. Then slowly found, as long as you can think of, in the network can be found. In the computer, as long as the computer is out of the question, we put the key in, can be found in the relevant information, you can solve their own problems, those who do not understand the Internet, but also think you are God? Think you are master of master, what questions to ask me, I think, if they are willing to own the Internet to check, not all are God. Two years of playing the computer, the results began to have a new idea. That is to become a master.

  做站长前,自己都很没有头脑的,不知道要怎么搞,就玩了个二级域名,一玩就是玩了二个月,结果,那个二级域名被我玩到PR1了,听说网站PR很重要,我想,一个二级域名都能玩到PR1,那何不搞个顶级的玩玩,这个念头一下子出来了,我们找了一家代理商,去申请了一个一元的CN域名,域名是(,取这个域名里,想了好久,正好遇上这么一个遇名,就取名为七盟,这僦是我七盟网的来历,说的也巧,七盟网用来做什么呢?一直很是不自然,到底做什么好.上网一查,有论坛好做.想了想,是啊,做论坛,来交流吧.交流的同时还可以学到很多知识,同时也起到收集资料的作用,这办法好, As a result, I made a forum to do a half a month, GG is included, but BAIDU is no movement, do not understand what a hurry, take me half a month, so a month passed slowly, BAIDU included more than 300 pages I have, for a month, I am excited, but 300 pages included after a month after only one page, how come ah, I remain perplexed despite much thought, later found on the Internet, it is a process that included in BAIDU. After a few days, there are more than 100 pages. Then has been about 70 pages change. PR must be zero, and now do not know how to do. Do not, have done a lot, but the effect is not very obvious,

asked the experienced webmaster, and pointed out a few questions for me:

1. space is faster,.

2. home page less pictures.

3. space must be stable and access to normal.

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