Planning and thinking of help center of website planning

makes help everywhere.

Does the

help follow the user or does the user come to the help center?

obviously, it is better to help go with the user, users go to where, for the user to do the work of clearing up doubts there.

users might appear on the page which doubts, this time, the simple explanation is the maximum user help.

is best to establish a center for help thinking, to walk around the user to help, go to go to the user, not to build a huge user assistance center, let users encounter problems to find a solution make light of travelling a thousand li a little problem. Help center more to build bigger, more problems, a small problem is more difficult to find, when the help center into a tall temple, began from the user. Go among the masses! Go among the masses!


users in the middle register, midway recharge, order midway, are likely to encounter this kind of confusion, you do not allow users to help center to solve puzzles, to help the user center, for a long time to find, and then come back, the recharge order has been aging, the user’s byebye, you lose not an order, not a user, but a number of users.

at Taobao, choose me to sell, and take a look at this page, let’s analyze:


first, the most striking place is to allow users to choose two commodity distribution methods.

price and auction.

this time, users may have doubts, what is the price, what is the auction? Well, the ready-made answer is certainly not the best help help center, or the user to search for "what is the price", this time, the most simple and most efficient help function is to add a comment on "such a price" button above, but this sentence is very concise and easy to understand.

so, next question, how do you sell it,


, look at the following: "how to start selling babies"

, the simple three steps are simple and clear, and they can be clicked directly into the link. These fully reflect the "simple and efficient way" to fully meet the needs of users."

See eBay below


said last time that eBay is a good place to burn money.

, I just searched Google for eBay. Look at this picture:


is really strange why eBay promotion the words "eBay", is responsible for the operation of the people do not know the word if the promotion is just a waste of money? But this website promotion in capital, the natural ranking in lowercase, allowing users to have a flustered.

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