Talk about how local community doors operate according to local conditions

local gateway community is a popular site type in today’s webmaster circles. Its flexible online and offline profit model is the main reason for its favorite by the webmaster, but its relatively complex, heavy operation, but also a lot of personal webmaster love and hate for him. Many individuals build their own local community portal after the site into a low active dead end. And its reason often comes from the operation of the door, do not have local condition to detonate hot spot focus. Below, I will take my own community portal, Lanzhou LAN 100 network as an example to talk about the operation of the road.

based on the characteristics of local cities, to guide user communication,

Chinese is a vast territory and abundant resources of ancient civilization, every city has its unique cultural delicacy. Take Lanzhou, the author’s hometown, as an example. Lanzhou people eat well and enjoy their holiday with friends and family. Lanzhou people like eating hot and sour food, the Sichuan dishes and Hot pot is fond of. At the same time, Lanzhou people bold dinner will drink wine, drink, to contain any party to. These are the unique features of the city of Lanzhou. On the 19 floor, presumably as a webmaster you must not strange, why it can be in the three or four years it can occupy the main market community portal, the reason is the different characteristics of each city to have a perfect location. Therefore, as a local portal, in order to attract users, the first step is to have a more perfect and definite orientation for the local features.

collects locally updated information and continues to attract new users to

local portal site target visitors have a common characteristic, that is the range of the target visitors narrow but the usage is very great, the target visitors is often limited to a city, so the local community network to get a good development must be continued to collect the latest information to add, continue to attract new users. In this regard, I give you three suggestions:

1: there are special people responsible for the photo shooting and collection, based on local characteristics based on the production of some story album.

2: there are special people responsible for the local news events follow-up reports, news events are not divided into size, to meet the needs of users as criteria.

3: integration of information with local talent market and secondary market, providing more valuable information to target customers.

actively participates in user communications,

believes that many of our friends who come into our local community website are coming with some local problems. The author of the Lanzhou forum for example can be seen entering the users in asked: what Lanzhou local snacks in Lanzhou more? What fun and so on, if your visitors to look forward to asking the question but no reply, it will cause not to hurt the feelings of the visitors, the author suggested that the community should be early local portal someone responsible for answering this some answers to users, many users either hold exchange mentality, or some small problems, the author.

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