Site positioning is not allowed, new Adsense is not afraid to come back

from the beginning to do stand to start their own have a goal, that is absolutely can not do the dumpster, but looking back a month do stand course, discover their own websites have indeed become garbage, no new ideas, there is no need to maintain it, it was decided on two sites immediately re production, must not hesitate and delay time.

was the first to tell you about two of my website, one is recruiting 80 nets (, the other is a shopping guide network ( 800. 80 net recruitment at first is established to recruitment service website, the focus is the outstanding campus recruitment information and job guidance, provide recruitment services; 800 shopping guide network in order to promote Ali mother Tao, and the establishment of the website, content for the current fashion and entertainment content completely. But after the maintenance of two sites a month I found two websites do you think is totally different, not only in the subject was nothing new, and in profits do not see any future updates every day even if effort can not get a lot of traffic, until now or not Baidu included, is not to say that his heart is very anxious, or no persistence, but because the two sites have been based on the wrong, I found it certainly will not have any effect on the horse, so decided to change the way of thinking, the two site re planning and production line.

from the two sites a month of operations in the following except my summary, hope to give our webmaster some help, if there are wrong also hope webmaster friends do not Paizhuan, after all I just made the new owners of a month, I hope a lot of inclusion.

1, first of all to seek a long-term development of site positioning. This location includes the domain name, the name, the profit way and so on, must make the website may obtain the long-term development;

2, site pre column planning is very important. A review of two sites I spent on program planning on time is not particularly large, really on the line after the discovery of the maintenance is not easy, so we should be based on individual effort and ability to set reasonable site columns, pre column setting should not be too much, the latter with financial resources increase can consider increasing the staff increase (this column is something);

3, original and useful web content. On the original web site content here I will say no more, how many important optimization articles are mentioned, and the content of the web site more practical, can satisfy the needs of the user group, this is the most important


4, adhere to the daily maintenance and promotion of their website. The site must be updated every day, a response to the search engine, on the other hand to the visitors of your site every day there are people who maintain, increase the return rate of visitors, the promotion of the website or the old saying goes: people have left.

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