Novice webmaster understanding included much better than included fine

so far, I’ve collected 165 articles by hand from the internet. For these, I did not modify it in my pocket Wangzhuan forum basically expansion. I did it because I saw Mr. Wang Tong say, "as long as you collect 1000 articles from the Internet and optimize it, you can make money easily every month.". Now I realize that I’ve only paid attention to the 1000 things Mr. Wang Tong has said, but I didn’t notice what he said should optimize my content.

my website has been built for 4 months, that is to say, I have been a novice webmaster for 4 months, and now Google contains about 200 pages. But from the search engine traffic is only 4. It makes me feel, such as one-sided pursuit of the number of included, as well as to concentrate their efforts, strive for high quality contains one or two pages, then bring me the monthly flow of at least a few thousand. I also have a blog, the content of the theme is also online money, and from the flow of statistical analysis system, this blog to earn money better effect, 90 days of search traffic has 19, far more than my website. From this point of view, the novice webmaster also do not ignore the blog to earn money. The most important reason is that you are a novice webmaster, you only have to earn money online, you have confidence, you can continue. Efforts to increase the quality of content, improve the quality of the collection.

as a novice webmaster, I also like all that I hope novice webmaster, expanding pocket Wangzhuan forum can quickly give me money, so I have confidence to complete the process into the old webmaster from novice webmaster. If there is no way to quickly earn money online, and even do a 2 years without money to earn new station master, then I certainly will not go on, can not do the old webmaster.

so I’m going to change my online money making strategy now, and not just pursue the numbers. I want to start today, slowly update my pocket expansion Wangzhuan forum in the content, only about 200 of the premise, and strive to improve the quality of included, included one or two pages to create high quality. I am also regardless of my forum, money does not make money, as long as the content, improve the quality of the good quality of your search engine. It’s impossible for my website to stop making money.

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