just want to go on the road of nternet Entrepreneurship

I is the general staff of a Internet Co, eight hours and five days of work for wages and benefits will not unshakable, their affordable housing, but at least enough and, perhaps now young, hard in the company a few years of struggle, may also mix a mid-level leadership what. Sometimes just can’t help but think what they want in the end is it a lifetime to keep such a desk, a computer, leading the hungry also can not send the money to pay it?

about resignation

on the resignation of this matter, I really did not think too much, because the more consideration, and more concerns, and the people have a concern, any decision is bound to be less than a lot of hesitation.


resigned very smoothly, after all, just an ordinary employee, resigned after I slept at home for a week, I understand that this is not a negative, but the need for precipitation. I have to think, what will I do? What are my strengths? What can a man do?

revenue source


figured out these problems, my Internet business began, this is only my personal studio, I will pick some soft, will help the customer to customer website headlines, operation filling content, a soft price is between 100-150, the headline No. Article 30, open Advertising Awards 2000, website content is 10 yuan to fill a station to customers WeChat provides a public number of original articles is 100 yuan.


Three months after

, I rely on the income to feed themselves, although very tired, but also tired than sometimes work in the company, but more of a passion and freedom, perhaps it is this freedom Let me keep it up.

about entrepreneurship

has a lot of friends that you make this venture is nothing but an ordinary wage, but also there is no guarantee, I said, entrepreneurship had no guarantee of success, I can accept the business success and failure, even to pay off, but I do not accept their own never experienced. It can be said that I was a process of a person is more important than the result.


but at this stage I only invested time and ink, so no money. I don’t need to start office rent, buy equipment, recruit employees, because I am too busy to come, when I was busy, when the relationship with a number of customers to establish long-term cooperation, I will go to consider these.

entrepreneurship just want to fly freely

people don’t take what I do now is called entrepreneurship, they think I’m just a free occupation, but I still think I was in business, must have to have the office staff, to the people calling.

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