Grassroots course just graduated from the station to earn money road

just graduated from the station to earn money road

06 years of college, that just came out from the school without technology and has no experience where there will be willing to your company, before the school thought that I was strong out will find a good job, who knows to know foreign society is not so well mixed, sometimes find a job to want to go to dinner at noon. Touched pocket not a penny, just as can be imagined. This work is not supposed to find that at least eat can not solve the problem really is extremely depressed. So I found a friend, used his computer to go to a recruitment website, and sent me a resume.

As the day is

, then there are a lot of people call me to go to the interview, the result is the same to "go home to wait for notification, hey, downhearted! So stay at home do not go out one day a month, occasionally received a telephone interview, try holding the mentality to come over who knows, the boss is very easygoing, say come to work tomorrow.

second days early in the morning came to work, from that day began the formal contact "stationmaster" (a group of ordinary people and on the contrary, others sleep he work, others work he began to sleep, contact the computer to contact people longer than…… ). Since then know what is what is the domain name server, the other is unexpected, the website also can make money, then immediately registered a their own domain name, the first time do not know what CMS, then go online to just under a program, began his career webmaster.

had a big brother to help the site to do it well, here to thank him, the site was very happy, a computer illiterate and a website of their own, feeling very comfortable, we should have some experience. After going home from work, I will show off my website to my friends.

well, the propaganda is a problem, ask a lot of people, and of course is the first choice of the QQ group, every day add a website, but you will go to the main estimate please, so this is repeated for a week, it is not, in other ways to chant, think of yourself as stationmaster of course go to the webmaster website bubble learning, just go to Baidu search on the Ie=gb2312& bs=%D5%BE%B3%A4%C2%DB%CC%B3& sr=& z=& cl=3& f=8& wd=%D5%BE%B3%A4%B1%D8%C9%CF%B5%C4%CD%F8% D5%BE& ct=0, listen to friends that the webmaster nets, the laggards, station owners are owners often go to places. From there know the site was Baidu included, traffic will come a lot, so think of ways to call him included, go to Baidu submitted to wait for included.

, the first thing to do every day is to hit

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