nternet business success (three) site CMS select tips

in understanding the theory of Internet start-ups knowledge, began to field site business practice operation. In this chapter you will detail how to build a web site that fits the user experience.

one, website page planning and style design

two, the choice of web programming language

three, site database selection,

four, site hardware requirements and preparation,

five, server hosting and maintenance,

six, server performance testing,

seven, domain name query and registration

eight, actual drills, domain name applications, Raiders

nine, simple three steps to establish website prototype

ten, 3G mobile site build Raiders

eleven, website payment function configuration

twelve, site ICP filing is indispensable,

more detailed reading, to the article "Internet business success" (three): site payment function configuration to see.

Construction and modification of

thirteen and DNS system

little knowledge:

what is DNS?


DNS, that is, domain name system (Domain, Name, Server). In the Internet domain name and IP address are corresponding to the domain name, while for people to remember, but the machine can only know each other between the IP address, the conversion between them is called domain name, the domain name needed by special DNS server to complete, DNS is the DNS server.

change domain name server

if the default domain name server is out of order, it is no longer available. At this point, we can apply for a new DNS to replace it. The advantage of this scheme is that it is easy to set up and the time needed is short.

1. applies for DNS parsing

landing http://s.dnspod.com website. Click on the top right of the page "register" button, follow the prompts page input relevant information, be sure to fill out the correct E-Mail address, submitted after the system will automatically send the user password to the email address registered on the inner.

use the username and password to enter the "domain name service management center, from the drop-down list, select the" DNS management "option in the input text box cannot properly resolve the domain name (no need to add WWW in front of the domain name), click submit to the best.

2. change the domain name settings

login the original domain name control panel, enter the domain name management column, and then click "modify the domain name DNS" connection, select "fill >"

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