How do businesses and websites determine domain name policies

domain names are almost equal to the brand of web services. Choosing a domain name seems like a simple step, but there are still many companies that regret having chosen a domain name, and sometimes they have to push it back. Therefore, mastering the basic principles of several basic domain name strategies is of great help to the domain name input.

1) how do I start a domain name?


domain name should contain unique keywords, not just the keywords of the industry, the product, or the subject. For example, the domain name such as Chinaresearch is not desirable, one is difficult to win trust, two are easy to confuse, and three are difficult to register. So a good domain name should be combined with the characteristics of the service and unique names, such as,, of course, if we can have a very short portfolio, such as iResearch, is another matter. Europe and the United States with love to do this for the domain name onomatopes, China market does not seem to have much meaning.

domain name is the best to pronounce English combination, in the domestic market, also can use pinyin spelling, complex but not the pursuit of those finals easily confused, the user can rarely be a fight for.

The choice of

top-level domains is not really selective. If.Com is optional, of course, it should be the first choice, if only. or.Cn, it is recommended to register together to avoid user memory. As for.Biz,.Info,.Cc domain names are generally the last choice, unless the top-level domain name and your business has a strong correlation. Plum information domain name is, fairly reliable. It is estimated that at least 60% of the Internet users do not know the top-level domain names such as biz, info and cc.

2) how many domain names does a company need?

in theory, a business name is enough. Some fortune 500 companies are diversified, and only one domain name is used. The benefits of a single domain name are obvious. Both a single domain name should be used, either from IT management or search engine optimization. But there are some exceptions, the most common case is that you need to manage for the communication of different types of audience, for example, with completely different communication strategies to between consumers and channel partners, two independent domain names has become common choice. There are short-term events and activities in brand building, but also registered independent domain name, anyway, it is short-term, so domain name management is not a problem. In the Chinese market, the domain name and the ICP filing complex work, so generally recommend using a single domain name.

3) do you want to use subdomain


some sites prefer to use subdomain names such as, while others prefer to use directories. Technically, it is completely equivalent. The only bad thing about using subdomain is that the Alexa site ranking information can be >

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