Virtual son rain webmaster write soft, you have these two big state of mind

today brought to you is to write the two major mental state of mind: write the article, first of all to say a word and write articles must contend for the first. Keep these two mentality, I believe your article will be very good, your article will be more people like.

one, write the article, first say a word to yourself,

I recently found a problem: a lot of the time we all write articles can not adhere to, and many times we are writing articles, like to give up halfway. Sometimes I would like to ask you if you have written such a sentence to yourself when you write an article: write an article and write a good article.

many webmaster in exchange with me talked about such a problem: I do so for a long time, have a lot of experience, always want to try to write some articles to write but always do not know what to write. This problem is really a headache, I have encountered, but such a long time to write the article I found that most of the time we are not said to write an article on their own, decided not really! Anything, no matter how hard it is, as long as you are determined, even if not finished, sure there is a certain effect. Many people encounter such a problem, subconsciously subconsciously find some reasons for themselves:

1, I don’t know what to write. I don’t know where to begin. It seems that I can write it. Everyone else has talked about it. What others said is much better than I thought. I don’t want to write it,


2, my experience is too small, I have no idea what to write about, or wait and see! So many experience think, I haven’t reached the height to summarize the experience, to summarize the experience of the height is not so refined, or forget it!

3, the office is too noisy, and so many people walking around, no mood to write, go home and write it! When you go home to write, want to, alas, the day has been busy for so long, still work overtime why, then gave up!


4, I have no more than cattle, I would not have written articles, my literary talent is not good, can not write out, very normal, can not write it out, do not write, nothing,


the above four aspects are often an excuse for me to find my own, the key is to actually find these excuses before I decided to write an article to write a good article, not for their conscientious saying that! Nothing is that, first of all should be determined there is, to put a thing to do the responsibility to make things as one of the most important things to do! Write when thinking of this sentence, this is to encourage yourself, is steadfast in your determination to


two, writing articles must contend for the first

write articles must strive for the first, this is what I have always insisted on an idea, but also I would like to put forward a proposal. Why do you want to write such a state of mind? Here are some of my ideas.


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