Grassroots observation personal movie site where is the way out


wrote a "grassroots Adsense also need to learn to integrate resources" article, many webmaster friends came to communicate, this time is the movie station operation promotion some experience and thinking. Because of the work, contact some of the film station owners, to tell the truth, they really very hard, very admire his persistence and diligence, updated every day, pseudo original, do the chain, and so on miscellaneous work. Some people succeed, there are tens of thousands of traffic every day, monthly million income, also has the flow of people, low income, still insist that others fail, give up, out of the station, more people see the webmaster, but can not see behind the success hard, would have joined the movie station today to discuss the movie station problem.

personal movie station,

first, copyright issues. Because of the personal film station did not pay the copyright, is still illegal, may at any time by harmony, the most obvious point is that domestic large formal IDC are refused to film station server hosting, many owners have to buy a foreign space and domain name, some of the so-called web site in order to avoid legal liability, the name of the station all sources from the Internet, the not for profit "and other slogans, so bad on the external environment, determines the individual stationmaster the attitude of the film is to do one day.

second, profitability issues. From the current movie station profit model, advertising is the only movie station, even at the expense of the user experience on the cost of pop ads, knowing more liar advertising, also had to put in, the purpose is to maintain the survival of income.

third, competition intensified. With the development of P2P technology, the website online watch movies also will be rapid growth so far before the movie station cost is relatively high, lower the threshold is the result of more people into the movie station, a large video site annexed to the vast majority of users, while the remaining part of the 95% movie station users need to share, to the development of and easy to talk about.

How did the

movie station develop


first good promotion operation:

Promotion methods

movie station does many commonly used chain mail, SEO, etc. that is not here, mainly said that now with little promotion operation method, movie station online movies need to download some software, such as fast, most customers sites are directly downloaded from the official the website, the official website to download the installation package inside 360 and Baidu toolbar installation package, which is marketing. Why can’t we use this resource? On the website as an example, when the user is not installed Nora, green version download, green version of the installation package and remove the 360 Baidu toolbar, and player implanted inside their own website advertising, so that the user’s return rate is very high, this download in the DBank data bank SkyDrive inside, on their own servers, no >

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