Huainan forum local site operations analysis (Part )

in February 2009, many copies, Huainan forum officially established, in the face of local already has the local forum, without scruple began a series of promotion plan!


then, first of all, the basic situation of the site, when we registered the local corn, there is only one, although it is also phonetic corn, but La corn is not very familiar to local people. So, we still choose to choose the most commonly used suffix best. Our website is operated by 3 people, and I am the head of the line. Mainly responsible for the site’s SEO, construction and the chain, as well as soft text, and so on and network related. Another person responsible for the online promotion and offline activities of the website, his resources are good interpersonal circle and Baidu stick bar owner, can organize some activities to promote the website. Another person is responsible for business relations, contacts with the chamber of Commerce, DM, sponsors, and advertising revenue. But all things may cross, for example, I will contact DM, and organize activities.

The division of labor in the

is largely defined. Then, how about the operation method?. The website name has the characteristic as far as possible, otherwise propaganda for others propaganda. For example, our website is, there is a finals, we call Huainan forum,


first of all, we hit the Huainan forum, especially one of the forums, relax post restrictions, visitors can post, and so on

second, closed for 1 weeks, 1000 posts a day, and contact friends to send, the shortest possible time to gather members. Content must be based on local characteristics.

third, traffic from the post bar connection can come 1000 per day, IP, try to make visitors become members.

fourth, promotion website, local website, the more the alternative, the better, for example, shoot MV, edit the URL, and pictures. Organize activities regularly to send membership cards and so on.

fifth, the formation of business alliances, and chamber of Commerce and other relevant departments to cooperate, of course, this need to have a certain amount of resources.

sixth, take the Internet bar home page, this does not lose money, but first investment.

seventh, engraving system CD, system to do it is our website homepage, and is not modified, you can contact with computer repair.

eighth, the formation of interest League, such as basketball, football, etc., to meet more friends, the game will be carried out in the name of the forum.

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Huainan forum site, the ultimate operation of the site [next] as soon as possible to do out, the main talk about local sites will appear problems and solutions. Say not please everyone mercy.

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