New Adsense doubts, community promising

community sites are now in full swing, community websites can bring much profit to the webmaster, I think there should be no problem. In a small county town in Hebei Province, I opened the forum. Joined the ranks of community leaders. What about the road in the future? I made a plan myself.

I’m in a small county in Hebei province. The most famous website in the county is Baidu post bar. On that time, post it and post it. See the post. Registered three or four screen names. It’s on the stick. It was three or four years ago. Later, busy work, there is no time to stick it. Those net names, passwords, ah, have forgotten.

08 years, more leisure time, but also fascinated by the Baidu post bar, but found a lot of inconvenience. For example:

1, a lot of good posts, a long time can not find, it’s hard to find.

2, paste it is too messy, what content is in a piece, you like not to like to have a look. Advertising, selling, writing poetry…. The content is too messy. Like a hodgepodge of


3, most of the content is petty people engage in personal attacks…. The language is messy.

4, like-minded friends meet less.

, 08, traveled to Hangzhou in May and stayed at a friend’s house for a month. In addition to enjoying the beauty of Hangzhou: West Lake, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Zhejiang University…. In the evening, friends in the internet. I think the most famous thing in our county is the post bar. Well, so should Hangzhou.

now think that time is really I went with very limited knowledge and scanty information, Baidu Hangzhou, found that the number of rare, many posts have no response. And a lot of posts have been around for a long time. I don’t want to romantic Hangzhou amateur life is disco, Cara OK to sing, to West Lake morning? Ma Alibaba in Hangzhou, may not be so! I have friends of the doubt in the heart. My friend smiled when he heard the question. Hangzhou people fall in love with the "19 floor forum", so you can go there and have a look. It’s really nice! It’s much stronger than it is. Rich content。 Basic necessities of life。。。。 Many classifications. It’s really stronger than it is.

it was then that I realized my ignorance, the superficiality of my experience. I want to be helped by my friend. I also build a forum like the 19 floor. That’s okay! My friend gave me (we registered the domain name is the name of Dongguang County on the use of the mean I love Dongguang). Registered space in my territory! It’s been running for 5 days. I hope people in my county can find more friends in the new space, and find more jars. Haha! Here take cover!

I love Dongguang forum Dongguang

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