Where does the website manage the brand

had just graduated is looking for a sales job at a senior’s suggestion, I chose this website, he said, "the sales pressure is quite big, only one is determined to do the sales personnel will be in this position for a long time." Go back and think deeply about the job of selling. I really don’t have so much determination, just to increase my work experience. I decided to give up sales work, a head in the website operation work. Just begin to contact the operation work, is to do the lottery website operation, from the beginning of the rookie to now accumulated a little experience, the process is difficult, but the job I love it more and more, as the saying goes, "interest is the best teacher." I’m glad that the career I chose was of interest to me.

here, I have to say, the operation of the lottery website is much harder than the other types of websites, because the special keyword of lottery lets me touch the gray of one nose in the process of operation. Because with the betting nature of the industry, resources are hard to find, whether it is exchange friends chain, but also later to spend money to buy links, the webmaster who hit the lottery words retreat. Although the difficulty of the work has increased, but because of this difficulty, let me in the operation of the work of greater progress.

on the site in the process of operation, the brand will be placed in what position, this is my time to think about the work done before the lottery website operation, simple operation, to shape the brand I have not considered this problem. Now the brand is the core work of the future website operation, then I need to pay attention to him. For Xiaofeng lottery site http://s.7ien.cn/ how to build the brand, the need for a long-term plan. For the brand in the future website operation in the position of how to put, also is to think about the problem.

1, branding yourself is the ultimate way,

website brand does not mean throwing money, if there is so much money on the brand’s shape, it will save a lot of trouble. But brand building to spend a lot of time with our products Xiaofeng lottery software to grow up, into the big price to build brand is not realistic, how to make a small investment in the brand is our operation to think about. This is also to improve their ability to use their own resources for enterprise services, and do a good job of corporate brand and reputation.

2, think about why I want to shape the brand

I have asked myself more than once, I do the operation work, Xiaofeng lottery site traffic, conversion, sales are not good? For marketing station is not to sell a product, how good sales, do not be able to bring benefits for the enterprise, but also spend a lot of time to build brand why? Brand is not in order to promote the sale of products? In after careful consideration, I see the competitiveness in the lottery industry, in the future there will be more enterprises to join the lottery industry, but the market demand will not because you people do.

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