Entrepreneur don’t do those useless in the circle


increasing social pressure, so that more and more people will focus on the development of the road to entrepreneurship. In real society, starting a business requires high capital investment, so many people are discouraged. And the Internet entrepreneurs just make up for this deficiency, and even from scratch is not impossible, of course, the premise is that you have this ability. Therefore, a series of Witkey are produced, and a large number of talents are gathered every day. A mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore in the effort, at the same time, also in the consolidation of their entrepreneurial gold. On the other hand, there are a group of entrepreneurs who are called "grassroots webmaster" groups. There’s not much of a startup capital, or even great skills. They make a living on the web. In fact, the website also a lot of achievements or in other industries with nothing people, so more and more people into this seemingly lucrative industry. But after the appearance, hidden more is the industry’s "pseudo prosperity."". What is false prosperity? Most of the websites seem to be updated, frequently and repeatedly, but the truth is that they often do the useless work of lying in situ, make ends meet, and can not make real profit for the purpose of the website.

1: ability identification and market analysis

how much ability to eat, how big meals, in doing a station before, must consider whether they can do it, do not see others do stand to make money, you go blind follow. Because sometimes, the other team is a team to complete the task, and you are only individuals. On the other hand, the website construction is becoming more and more stupid. Most of the forums and CMS are installed by one button, and they don’t need much technology to be competent. But that’s just building a website, or just a few pages. Build a website is not equal to build a website, build a website to just build to give a person to see, and construction website is to make the website that can make money. On the other hand, their own skills can be competent, even if the site construction and optimization of the base is not very understanding of the future webmaster, or do not blindly go into, not without such people, in fact, more to go. On the other hand, there is a saying that the choice is greater than the effort, website construction is the same, still choose the right line. Determine the value of the industry in the geometry of society, how much profit space and development, we must do a simple analysis. What about the momentum in the network, and whether it’s already saturated? What’s the space for a person’s results to continue?. If the above points are not clear, the final loss is certainly your own.

two: constantly strengthen their ability,

no matter how high your qualifications are, join this group and you’ll have to learn everything new, even if graduate students aren’t going to study how to do SEO. Website construction how to step by step development, from the input to profitability, learning ability is always the first element through it. Do not know to ask, add some QQ group, register several BBS number, a person does not answer your question, ten people do not answer, always there are some people will provide you with help >

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