Nutshell founder Ji thirteen the most important thing is how to maintain a stable after the sub answ

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analyzes the similarities and differences between the 8 accounts of K:

for now popular live, he believes that knowledge is not necessarily suitable for people to use directly, but the answer must not limited in its current form, because the product is only a simple prototype, two months is not a product of perfect.

sharing the economy has brought about great changes in people’s habits.

Ji thirteen admitted that as a phenomenal product, "do should not very easy, but the team also dare not let down, now should not a month ago so the fire, for one is still in the early product, not a particularly good thing. Ji thirteen in the assembly site also expressed a reflection of the product – the foundation of the product did not do well, the foundation of the product is not done well, including discovery mechanism, distribution mechanism is not perfect.

didn’t think published since joining the adjie Forum on the GGAD third theme is strongly questioned thought about and to 16 days will be many webmaster duanhun sad again, but did not expect to enter the pin code shortly after I was GGAD to get rid of, did not think ah did not think.

‘s angry cry: questions about the shlf1314 AdSense China team

Internet presents more exquisite and customized charging status;

believe the words here, it will be said a "working day" this is only GG centralized audit accounts, no need to feel like I get excited over a little thing, with very limited knowledge and scanty information. This point I just very vulgar not to say yes or no, I ask: so the balance in the webmaster account where?

Abstract: the answer is not easy. First of all, it’s a phenomenal product. So far, it’s not dead yet. As a phenomenal product, it has not died yet. It may be the greatest blessing for people. I have always said checking inside, should not a month ago so fire, such a product earlier Quhuo, is not a particularly good thing."

stationmaster toil >

in and familiar with the webmaster friend exchange, after a little co-ordination, a total of 7 people, including me, is the 8

is this equivalent to:

can shoot two hawks with one arrow? One?In accordance with the spirit of ?

shell inside a location? Ji said thirteen different periods have different judgments, but the product approach does not change, is the beginning of a certain come straight to the point, is the smallest and most single products and tools.

titanium media note: "sub answer" this platform based on WeChat rapid hot products, so that "knowledge realizable" become hot topic. And "cent answer" rise quickly, make net of shell net founder and CEO Ji thirteen also feel unexpected. "For a period of time, the four or five technology media headlines, of course, titanium media has also been reported, put in the past, only a huge company to have such an honor, it is rare."."

their attributes are September accounts payable in August, although several accounts have reached the standard of payment, and PIN codes have been issued for 30 days or so.

a sum of accounts transferred to the webmaster account, was subsequently withdrawn, returned to the publisher? GG in "Feng Ting account, punish" why not take more human practice: immediately found, immediately found the month of treatment, treatment;

one: common ground,


So how to

for the hot answer, Ji thirteen think there are three reasons behind:

detonated should star gossip, Ji thirteen said "just a stage play", a core is to let the professionals in various fields should provide you various help and advice". Ji thirteen to the titanium media said that the answer is not only a knowledge-based economy, but also as a fan economy. Compared to the shell, in line, different products are focused on the knowledge economy, but solved the different problems in different scenarios.

, he said in the July 16th Business Value and the 2016 mobile Internet Innovation Conference MIIC, jointly sponsored by the titanium media. Ji thirteen in "knowledge sharing and commercial field, to share his observations about products and trends:

conclusion: GG disable your account mechanism is the focus of the account this month to force the payment. It does not depend on whether you received the pin code whether or not you received the pin code and whether or not you validated the pin code. as standard

‘s challenge to GGAdSense

didn’t want to be K’s news in adjie, and there were few complaints about the account being "K" maybe a lot, I didn’t notice it. But it is not, I want to talk about my doubts about GGAdSense, the specific point is the question of the GGAdSense China group.

by the above description we will form a consensus: GG in mid – September K, then so much the account in August the balance of the amount of money, which has accumulated a considerable sum of commission, and at the end of the month to pay the Commission to avoid such practices is not GG

efficiency and GG, I don’t understand this work on the selected standard is how to come out? What is the god damn bastard lamb to come out? Because according to GG when everyone was K mail will see such a sentence: the Commission will be received in is appropriate to return to advertisers.

knowledge has come to an age of consumption escalation;

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