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Chinese Guang jento, no shortage of entrepreneurs, no shortage of good ideas, is the lack of an entrepreneurial environment, as we all know, the reason why the United States can produce places like Silicon Valley, the main reason is the policy of the United States and open culture, I think this can also be used as America has become one of the first big reason. And although Chinese now also learn foreign language.


Silicon Valley over deification, after all I have not been to Silicon Valley, but Silicon Valley since on countless startups, the local culture must have unique connotation, I will go to see if there is the opportunity. In addition, some Silicon Valley more than that, there is also the world’s largest venture capital firm, in a word: Silicon Valley is a can help countless entrepreneurs dream place. But why do I say that in China can never have such a place as Silicon Valley? In fact, I do not have to explain, many people all knew us many things China are unable to replicate, Chinese from abroad into the purchase of aircraft, and then copy the revision even more advanced than the original, China can buy a high-tech products from abroad, and in a few months for it to become a replica more cattle make only superficial changes, than the original product B, which is good at China, which is why early products are not new technology in some countries the sale to Chinese, like the United states. But not anything China can copy, China can copy the tangible things, but can not copy the foreign culture, even in absorbing foreign culture at the same time also often dyspepsia. Here I don’t want to blame, because this is not my thing can interfere with

if the title demo image point, I will give you a story: three people go to heaven, are Korean, Japanese and Chinese. To heaven after Japanese asked: "God, what time we can build Silicon Valley in Japan" God replied: "you will be 50 years." Japanese to cry: "it seems that this life I can’t see it." However, the Korean asked: "God our Silicon Valley dream of what can be achieved when" God replied: "you will be 100 years." After listening to the Koreans cried: "it seems that I even can not see the next life." It was Chinese asked: "God, Chinese in recent years are trying to learn the culture of Silicon Valley, we ask how long to complete the Silicon Valley dream" after hearing God cried: "it seems that this life I can’t see it". Of course, does not mean that Chinese Nothing is right., there is a Chinese at least "Zhongguancun", known as the "China Silicon Valley", but no matter how I don’t want to admit it, at least now no one can also Chinese and Silicon Valley and on the place. Here a brief introduction of American Silicon Valley: Silicon Valley is not a company a year ago I thought so, but numerous start-up companies set production, multinational technology giants including Intel, CISCO, HP, shlf1314, Facebook and other Apple Corp, big, there are entrepreneurs dream of paradise, is the dream of many people.


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