Companies with only 1000 clients are listed, the trick is to win big customersThe same dilemma Taoba

"we Jingwei since 2008, has a total investment of more than 300 start-ups, mainly concentrated in the trading platform, business services, O2O, Internet banking, mobile medical, cultural and social community etc.. If you want to know more about latitude and longitude, welcome to pay attention to our public number, Jingwei venture capital. This paragraph must be cut in, please keep this sentence, thank you." forget mosaic here.


domestic venture capital 99% are concentrated in the to C situation, will definitely be broken

probably haven’t looked gorgeous, so this is still left Lingye led investment had employed hunting nets, tuba rabbit, steel mesh, cheetah, and easy to sell items such as BESON Jingwei Chinese partner accepted an interview with the NetEase Club. Baby face, love laugh, engineering men, constitute the first five minutes of three impression keywords.


today and I opened Taobao store fellow chat the next day. Suddenly aware of Taobao’s small sellers also and we are now facing the situation of grassroots webmaster turned out to be the same. This fellow I opened a dress shop in Guangzhou Taobao. Last year also earned a lot of money, small sellers can gain to 100 thousand is very good. A person do this achievement. This way as Taobao continues to exit the new deal. They are with us in the same predicament, Taobao search, train and bring traffic is less and less.

"in 2015, we have been talking about the first year of enterprise service in the industry, >

don’t know, is it because a few days ago, Jingwei public number issued an article entitled "enterprise WeChat public number is the boss’s thing?" article.

4 at the end of 2010, the Alibaba announced the closure of the SaaS platform Software-as-a-Service, software as a service, manufacturers to deploy the application software on your own server, according to the actual needs of customers, through the Internet companies to order, and cease to provide related services; at the time, SaaS is a relatively new term for the continent, said of an aged person.

Zuo Lingye likes watching movies and making remote models. Once inside the party, he said that if he didn’t invest, he might study astrophysics or become an architect.

why would turn out like this. The search engine and Taobao now began to focus on the services for the rich. Because of the money to provide products and services will be better, they can earn more money. There is no who is right, in the economic society, is to make money. Today when I chat with my friends. I will mention some of his views on his current problems.

!This transfer >

can I suggest small sellers to jump out of the circle flow Taobao itself. The flow of diversification. My friend suggested to do group marketing. Because it is a personal open Taobao store, so do the limited experience one of the most simple is the most on the line. What micro-blog and WeChat do not engage in marketing. His former clients all pulled their group inside slowly train maintenance. Although the workload will be very large, but as the days and months multiplying users will become more and more, when we accumulated to ten thousand people, these are very high purchasing power users, our shop sales have no worry. Of course, here I give him only provide their own ideas, and implement the specific details still need him to do.

this is our webmaster and amazing acquaintance. We from the station to the grassroots webmaster K algorithm constantly updated this year. We can get traffic from sh419 is less and less. They like Taobao small sellers. Last year they burn do the train effect is very good, this is completely different. According to his statement flow is almost 2 times less. For these small sellers, many are relying on the train to bring traffic to make money. This decreased with the increase in advertising costs, they are increasingly suffering.

2015, the Chinese market has thawed like SaaS suddenly become favored, SaaS theme special flooding large and small venture capital forum list, the media have also "SaaS spring came" greatly exaggerated.

Zuo Lingye said, originally wanted to let colleagues help to play a Jingwei public number logo placed in front of the camera, or printed one affixed to the body.

as one of the earliest business services concern of investors, the left Lingye is mainly responsible for Jingwei trading platform and business services in areas such as investment, the investment direction of the representative case, including sales, oneapm, Sen Yong Hong BI, IO, Growing ring letter. He believes that domestic venture capital 99% are concentrated in the to C situation will certainly be broken, and for the SaaS field entrepreneurs, that is, big customers, the world.

is here and we grassroots station faces the K station problem is the same, we bring the traffic from search engines is less and less, even without. What do we do, the villagers I also faced with this problem. We need to find another entrance to the Internet to bring their own traffic. Is the direct users, these users to stay in their own hands. We have the real and effective user, our ranking naturally, our Taobao search flow shop amount will rise. We just from the previous passive has now become active. The initiative firmly grasp their own hands. My friend has started operation, if the result is good and I will share the

"in 2015, we have been talking about the first year of enterprise service in our industry. In fact, we have our own" selfish motives "."

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