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light contract city o2o system includes products: PC end, WeChat, touch screen side, APP client, merchant side, delivery side provides a full range of solutions. Let your peace of mind at ease, in the three or four line of the city realize the ambition. But good or bad, not a person to say, we look at the light of the contract city function plate.

O2O refers to the line of business opportunity combined with the Internet, let the Internet become the next line trading platform, with the development of the market and demand, Internet plus is undoubtedly a bright future, many enterprises to seize the outlet springest occupy half of the country.

7. in October 25th October 30th to change your payment, your payment is likely to make you change the ways you may be a little late in the account will see updates, thank you for your patience.

* your payment monitoring code MTCN, this number is 10 digit number.

light contract city o2o is Zhengzhou Light Technology Co., Ltd., following the takeaway system, another focus to build products. Set O2O, C2C, B2C, B2B and other patterns in one, covering takeaway, buy, home service, city shopping, catering reservations, hotel reservations, KTV reservations and other services.

, but the O2O service platform is numerous, and what kind of entrepreneur is the best choice? I can not help thinking of a domestic veteran takeaway O2O system platform – takeaway. More than three years on the line, takeaway has been user centric, adhere to continuous upgrades, three years, through many upgrades, and constantly improve the user experience. And adhere to the "after-sale supreme" principle, has been providing users with a variety of support, in the industry has a good reputation.

5. go to your nearest Western Union agency or branch to receive payment payment, if you have any questions, please call the remittance free service hotline 8008208668 for help, we have to Chinese remittance department contact in advance related matters, to believe that they can help you.

4. first select the nearest Western Union agent, you can access the payment-solutions/agent.asp, please submit the address from " Product" " product in the drop-down box; Quick Cash" exprs. You will then see the list of your latest Western Union agencies. If you don’t find it, please call West Union’s free service hotline 8008208668 for your advice.

distributors: shlf1314.Inc

6. if your name is not Pinyin payee we introduced the standard format such as Liao Xi, Zhang Xiaoming, the name before, in a space after the middle name, please click here to apply for change of name, your Pinyin payee please note that you do not need to change the name of your remittance Chinese payee.

but same time, in the second half of last year, O2O closures have become a common phenomenon in the industry as a whole. Many seemingly bright platforms have declared bankruptcy and even run on foot.

receive the Western Union remittance procedure as follows:

* distributor details:

is everything local covers all aspects of life, as long as a mobile phone, you can easily solve anything, not only that, the city of light o2o contract further development of each module, virtual and real support for publishing group purchase group purchase group purchase, support independent verification of single branch headquarters issued a group purchase support store merchandise, and provide independent shops for each business. Shop baby show

8. please note that you don’t have to pay any fee for the Western Union remittance. If >

3. take your valid ID with you, such as your ID card, driver’s license and passport.

source address: 1600, Amphitheatre, Parkway, Mountain, View, CA 94043, USA

this a system platform, it is a work of Zhengzhou photosynthetic Technology Co. ltd.. Photosynthetic technology focuses on o2o system development, has a highly skilled development team, after more than three years of hard work and development, has a certain scale and strength.

as can be seen from this chart, the three or four line city access to O2O time in the last few years, so compared to more opportunities, greater development.

many people think that the three or four line O2O platform less choice, really is this? First tier cities have long been dominated by giants, compared with, in contrast, in the two or three and four line cities show more opportunities. O2O services sector covers a wide range of large number of enterprises, regional and strong, for entrepreneurs is also relatively easy choice.

If you

* your detailed payment amount, detailed to cents, such as $123.45.

2. in the payment details page, please print or copy and carry the following information:

1. log in to your shlf1314 AdSense account, click the payment page, if display October " payment has been issued " click the " on the edge of this link; payment details ".

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