Ma and his mother AliYu Yongfu to present 4 recommendations entrepreneurs

in 2001, Ma was chosen as "global youth leader" by the world economic forum. In 2004, he was selected by Chinese CCTV and its audience as "one of the top ten business leaders of the year". In 2005, he was named by Fortune magazine as one of the 25 most powerful businessmen in Asia

in addition to active game in the domestic market >

stronger! Before setting up Alibaba,

"in the next few years, the Alibaba and Tencent such giants, more energy or will be placed in their own core business competition, and start-up companies to do is in the crevice, capture those giant or not to see business opportunities." In early 2013, Yu Yongfu had on the domestic business environment has made "great opportunities for smaller, small chance of becoming big": on the one hand, the Internet Chinese has bid farewell to the outlaws of the marshes era, entrepreneurs want to do the next sh419, Tencent basically no chance; on the other hand, a large company the investment and mergers and acquisitions normalization, start-up companies selling to big companies to increase the chance of.

was a pioneer in China’s Internet and e-commerce. He founded China’s first Internet based company, China yellow pages, in 1995. Then, he accepted the invitation of the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation of China as head of the Information Department of China International E-commerce center.

I have two webmaster group every day they discuss the Ali Mama, I have been using shlf1314 ad, but some habits are reluctant to try new things, so I did not use the Ali Mama advertising, always feel where it is not normal, so well just a line of advertising website will make you overnight? Each station had news of it, some portals have also put his advertising, Ma moves really shadowless hands, it is said that he is behind the strong backing, executive management technology, Wu Jiong Yang Fan, Sun Tongyu’s website, the iron triangle let Ma step step

, Ma Yun and his 18 founders team founded Alibaba in Hangzhou in March 1999, and their ambition is to make the business of SMEs easier. Today, they founded the electronic trading market has become the world’s leading B2B business electronic commerce website, the number of employees of Alibaba group of more than 6000 people, to provide services for the whole world millions of businesses and consumers.

from the PC to the mobile Internet, is on everyone’s life from penetration into the process of occupation, and in which will produce two effects of significant changes in format: one is always online, "the Internet" concept will gradually fade, and even forget you; two is the mobile Internet will trigger the second wave of information technology, as a service the information." Yu Yongfu pointed out that the last two years very popular "O2O" concept, in essence, is the combination of service information and e-commerce. For entrepreneurs, these two changes are the mobile Internet brings about innovation, space and opportunities.

Yu Yongfu also stressed that entrepreneurs should take the initiative in the increasingly fierce giant "plate war" in the occasion, to accelerate your growth and resource use of external platform. Corporate strategic investment CVC is on the rise. Compared to pure venture capital, CVC can provide entrepreneurs with not only capital, but also users and traffic resources, which can directly enhance the business ability of entrepreneurs."

front a raise a Babel of criticism of Ali Mama, may China all the webmaster all know the "nova" won the Ma! I think it shlf1314 China head Kai Fu comrade will certainly have a sense of crisis, ma – a very difficult. Today in the sh419 search for "Mom" has a record of about 800000, but the most strange is in the first row is the home of the Ali Mama price bidding, second is the normal Alibaba home, a total of two mom home, then the first home price bidding is not a luxury for Ali mother if seoer or ma? Make a false mom go ahead of him, hey ~

below, look at some of the footprints left by the horse!

But the current

China Internet has entered the giant separatist stage, and large companies are constantly strengthen themselves in the mobile Internet control, entrepreneurs need to survive and develop, it must identify the tuyere. In this regard, Yu Yongfu put forward four proposals: seize the opportunity, a fish escaped through the Seine and forget China plate war and embrace the fifth wave of IT industry.

geeks Park Innovation Conference, UC as chairman and CEO Yu Yongfu delivered a keynote speech on the current entrepreneurs put forward four suggestions: to seize the opportunity of the war, a fish escaped through the Seine plate, forget Chinese and seize the fifth wave of IT industry. He reminded entrepreneurs to take the initiative in the increasingly fierce giant "plate war" in the occasion, to accelerate your growth and resource use of external platform.


it is understood that in the past two years, UC has also increased the intensity of strategic investment, support, including ES file management, security housekeeper, every day, and many other star venture company. In 2013, more than 2 billion yuan was invested. "Our idea is simple, to support the variables and to make the industry more dynamic." Yu Yongfu expresses.


under his leadership, the Alibaba group rooted in the B2B website to thrive, it currently operates five companies in the field of electronic trading market Alibaba and taobao, YAHOO search China, online payments Alipay and enterprise software software field at the leading level. MA in October 2005 control of Alibaba acquisition Yahoo China case, and is at the helm of taobao, founded Alipay and Ali software.

In January 11th 2014


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