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Abstract from the famous CCTV host to WeChat people from the media, business Kaicheng "Wang Kai Kai," uncle told the story to the children for uncle. Claiming to be the Internet venture recruits him with a "sleep" completed to traditional media to new media transformation, how did he do it? "The following is a story of founder Wang Kai Kay tertiary" record industry final in the speeches of entrepreneurs in the dark horse contest by

media reports, firewood can be said recently, "aunt at the end of the year will enter the medical and health field, introduced reproductive physiology of medical equipment, the Internet and traditional medical combination, from traffic to the link between the realization of precipitation." This means that once focused on women’s menstrual health management aunt will start a transformation?.


compared to the pre start routine like headlines, and now the aunt has been low-key, a lot of people think that this is because Aunt you, frequently announced the transition, new sense has receded. Some people say that this is aunt, mature, and understand that pragmatism is the last word.

, I didn’t take this too seriously, WeChat, only think through every day to tell the story, your happiness is more and more strong, can’t help began to focus on this above, the beginning of this year, just put it back. Since April of this year, I have invested a lot of enthusiasm and energy in this public account. Now, Kay tells stories, with average monthly growth of 37%, and the latest figure is more than 126 thousand users.

The beginning of an

coax Morpheus: a "WeChat public account as a product in" Kai TERT stories "the products have grown up with the Internet thinking constantly in penetration, and user communication, rapid completion of the product.

according to information available, aunt in 2014 to achieve operating income of 1 million 479 thousand and 500 yuan, net loss of 66 million 530 thousand yuan. But 15 years of income, the aunt has been tight lipped. According to the business logic of start-up companies, even if they are not directly profitable, even if losses are reduced, most start-up companies will be released to enhance market confidence, unless the loss situation has not improved.

in the past, I have a lot of identity labels, and now the collection shows a dual identity: two daughters together to grow up Father; Internet era of a new recruit.

but it is undeniable that, in the wave of her economic still rolling, with the rise of competitors, aunt really has few people mentioned. Today, aunt announced the entry into the field of medical health, have to make people think deeply, has financing seven round of aunt it, why at this time again announced the transformation and upgrading? It entered the medical field, is it wrong, right?

many people from the media entrepreneurs want to do a small and beautiful, but I want to enlarge the media properties, brand community vertical extension to the industry, so its potential is unlimited.

‘s shadow of loss that never retreated


in March 14, 2013, it was the day of my birthday, I decided to resign. In October 1, 2013, the public account was opened for "Uncle Kay telling stories.". In this process, my biggest influence is my two daughters, especially the boss, she is "eating story", every day at least three or four, at that time, I buy a lot of books from the Internet, with wholesale like to buy a box to come back, but a month is exhausted every day, at that time, I read a lot of books, read a lot of stories.

Kay uncle tells the story, the ultimate goal is to open up the entire industry chain, do in the mobile Internet growing up Disney.

in the book shopping process, I found that I think she will generally like, often she may not like. Only when I told her stories, I could feel her emotions, her attention, whether she followed the plot, or her real likes. I tell my daughter stories every day, almost without interruption. When I’m on a business trip, I’ll record it for her, so I can listen to her when I’m gone, and later, I put these recordings in the kindergarten parents’ group, which is very popular. So, I put it in micro-blog, I did not expect each story has been forwarded several hundred times. So, I built the story of Kay uncle, the WeChat public account, and occasionally a story, the response was not bad.

although the firewood is very young, but in the business on the road is a late bloomer. Because in the creation of aunt before, firewood can be regarded as a continuous Entrepreneur: there are 6 failed entrepreneurial experience. Perhaps it is this entrepreneurial experience has accumulated considerable experience, so that firewood can finally aunt made a star products, and grew up to today. As after 80 entrepreneurs, Chai may not be as successful as Li Xiang, but still can be regarded as one of the benchmark after 80 entrepreneurship.

in the early days of entrepreneurship, relying on women’s healthy vertical field of keen judgment and focus, aunt because of the name and entry point of the unique and limelight no two. Subsequently, the commercial exploration, so that Aunt frequently transition to seek a breakthrough, every action has become the focus of attention of the industry.

, but even so, aunt is just in the cruel Internet business law survived, it is still too early to say that the success of entrepreneurship. Throughout the birth to the present four years, although aunt has made great progress, but there is a threshold has not been exceeded, that is, sustained losses.

is particularly worth mentioning, aunt, the most powerful old opponent of the United States grapefruit recently released data, said the company has realized large-scale profits. Two quarter U.S. grapefruit net profit of more than 10 million yuan, three consecutive months of net profit growth, monthly growth rate of over 5>


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