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from nothing to finance from, by, plainly, on three steps:


there are too many people talking about entrepreneurship in this world. There are too many people who teach entrepreneurship, and the length and content of one person are longer than one, one is deeper than one, and one is wider than one. Does it work? It’s useful for some people, but it can be poison to some other people. Is it operational? Not necessarily or not completely. System? Basically not system. So, many people looked very excited, after still confused, do not know where to start, do I do not know where to go to where. Is it useful to know why? The truth is useful, of course, but it doesn’t make you really successful, and a chance of starting a business doesn’t make you realize your own finances. So I’m writing this to talk about how to get everything from nothing to financial freedom.

, and this time, through Kevin, ·, Kelley’s prophecy and interpretation, most let the outside review Suning, is about Suning investment strategic layout.

sounds simple, everybody knows, and it’s hard.


is not just Suning. In recent years, all major platforms, including BAT, have been involved in a mix of industries. This and the traditional enterprise development process called "diversification" are two concepts, diversified layout to just launch the main business enterprise as the center, and similar Suning industrial mix is a blend of many interrelated business also mutual support network.

motivation for entrepreneurship? Any motivation is right. The purpose of entrepreneurship is straight to the point: make money, make a lot of money. This article is about the "nothing" guys who want to make money, make money, and do it. The natural start of a certain capital is higher.

, when Kevin Kelly appeared at the headquarters of the Suning group in April 6th, I think he was something of a kind. 22 years ago, he published the book "out of control", a language in which the Internet, which was still in its infancy, would change the world. At about the same time, 25 years ago, Zhang Jindong founded suning. In fact, turning back, Suning’s development from tradition to the Internet is, to a great extent, a realistic version of Kevin Kelly’s prophecy.

The problem with

Suning investment portal, out >

some people a lifetime to work diligently, and any resentment, still in rags, hungry, often can’t afford to live in the accident hit. While the same starting point the same conditions equally qualified people, busy for several years after it gently, loose, set up for life, good property. Why? The world, the world there are many people often envy others complain about their miserable, successful in the official career, not the solution. Why? Because the choice is different, so the result is different.

and the future is still on the road, about the future, Zhang Jindong and Kevin Kelly should have more resonance. The key that "at least Kevin Kelly for the inevitable trend of the future re mixed, it is Su Ning in recent years has been practicing the strategy: offline and online re mixed retail industry and the financial sector re mixed, even Suning five industrial layout, also in re mixing.

three, so that wealth value added

one, looking for project

so, Suning investment, Suning enterprise mission to achieve the process, as well as the upgrading of the industrial layout, is an essential part.

honeycomb industry layout

why is it simple? Because the explanation is simple. Anyone can understand it.

honeycomb industry layout, are directed toward Suning, "lead the industry ecology, and create quality life" enterprise mission area center, strides forward. Among them, cloud providers, home, Wen Chong, holding the shape is quality of life experience, investment is somewhat a military role, focus on building investment and financing planning and business development needs of Suning ecosystem, carry out industrial investment and financing, enterprise capital increase, a reservoir and adhesive function promote coordinated development, build industry ecosystem.

two, operating projects, accumulation of wealth,


a good project should be a machine, you only need to start it at the start, and then it can run automatically, which will bring benefits to you


because today’s situation is determined by your past choices, your choice now determines your future. Unfortunately, most people accept passively instead of thinking positively and selectively. Well, since the initial choice is so important and takes the first step in the three stride, what should a good project be like,

Suning is building the "cloud business", "home", "gold control", "Wen Chong" and "investment" five industries, in fact, is reflected in the "beehive industry layout model", and Kevin Kelly thought coincide. These industries to each other, which not only have strong industry independent features, and together with super connection properties, like a bee hive, alone every part of the honeycomb, have very strong independence, however, the connection between each other is very careful.

Su Ning’s development and Kevin Kelly’s "out of control", it is precisely 20 years of cross validation, it is wonderful. Therefore, I strongly believe that, when Kevin Kelly walked into the Su Ning, there will be a visitor feel.

is that most people in this world don’t think about it, or they don’t want to understand it. Many a man is hard to live for a lifetime. As a 36 bit password combination, people who know the password for one minute, the case of the main solution to open, do not know who may never untied.

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