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in the first method the blog resources, we can follow these blog resources Links search blog chain resources. Because we find the blog resources is related to our website, and this blog resources and Links must have a large part of associated with him. Almost all this through the Links find blog resources is what we want. Such a look down, you will find your blog resources more and more.

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high weight, high correlation of the chain resources. That is the high weight website by Google or love sea value, included in the site, update soon. The high correlation refers to your site and related industries, such as you do dessert, then find some sweets or food chain resources. The construction site of the chain has a variety of ways, here I will speak only high quality blog resources is how to find the. The other one will say.

is now on the Internet website of these sites will be innumerable, high weight website, also has the new weight is not high. There is also a blog style website, forum site, and apartment layout and so on site. How to find these websites and their related websites, and a relatively high weight of the chain resources


The addition of

?First we understand what is

QQ is the place where most users in China some webmaster, bloggers love adding specific categories of the QQ group, you can join the QQ group, participate in their discussion, when they made their own blogs in the QQ group, then it gives you a blog resources. Looking through the second methods, I believe that the blog resources quickly accumulated to a >

1. can be found in the

many people in the forum or QQ group called the high quality of the chain where to look, how to find, from this point we know that they have been aware of the importance of the chain, the chain began searching for high quality. We know that Google attaches great importance to the quality of the chain, Shanghai attaches importance to the quality of the content of love. One is to pay attention to the external website reputation, a focus on the website content. Although the emphasis, but the search engine is very important to the two factors. Check the site outside the chain can be queried by YAHOO input query outside the chain of command, also can be queried by some other tools in Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon shoes all know some webmaster forum, Shanghai dragon forum, open source forum will have a Links exchange forum, we can find with your website related website, see if he meets your requirements, if appropriate, can exchange friend chain with him or put your link to his website article by the way of message. Of course, some selfless people in the forum, will often share some high quality blog chain resources, you can blog on these resources were screened out with your blog resource requirements.

3. personal blog QQ group

follow it through the blog resourcesWe found

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