From the readability, correlation, real-time content quality evaluation

abandoned the readability of the original is actually very simple, the article use false original tools created, enough to make the search engine to identify, because the readability of the article is too poor, even the people are difficult to see the meaning, not to mention search engine; again, a copy of QQ chat records, tidy write a heading up, is also the original articles, but the meaning is elusive.

determines whether an article is "real needs", generally have a desire to buy users will only have a strong interest in related products, and do not care about those things related, so the correlation is very important for a website. Do Taobao station group website has a collection of original articles those habits, the quality is very good, but with their own websites without the slightest relationship, so Taobao station dead one group after another, this is not to deny love Shanghai Taobao customers, but Taobao customers do too.

The readability of

determines whether a user can read this article carefully, although the title of the party is very attractive, but as long as the content is not popular, users will not spare hand off the page, A5 is also an original, a lot of the people; some of the attention seldom, there will be a lot of praise after reading some articles, some articles after leaving a step (the poor), which is determined by the quality of the article.

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is one of the key contents of the website, website content is difficult to solve the problem, it determines a website to have much success, there is no pre good content support, even the marketing ideas can not be achieved, the user’s eyes are sharp, good things don’t instill will squeeze down silently. As a website, how to judge the quality of the content on the website


love Shanghai Google also explicitly introduced the anti spam strategy, one of which is specified for those not related to the content of the corresponding punishment, now do not have to be careful, good readability of the article is good article, it.

this is the number of Shanghai dragon Er very much puzzled what most people view is that the original article is high quality, is a good article, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er think the content of the original search engines quickly, so the quality is high; but it is not the case, the search engine is indeed able to judge whether an article original, there is much reason for your similarity, original articles will be included, it is because this is the Internet’s scarce resources, but it does not mean that the quality is high, because the quality evaluation is a combination of factors, assuming the original content is not relevant, so put on your own site is no meaning, no value, generally determine the quality of an article from three aspects of readability, correlation, real-time.

, the readability of

The correlation between

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