Host selection is particularly important to somebody to do two

a lot of people when renting a host will go to the evaluation, the author tell you the Internet in 90% of the evaluation are false, whether you go to buy or buy you Taobao where a web site, most of them are deliberately evaluation, it is precisely because of these evaluation will let the webmaster you deceived. So as a webmaster want to learn to give up the surface point of view, learn to pay more attention to real projects.

host selection is a website of the event, the overall development for the general site in terms of its host selection will affect the site, now a large site in the choice of the host will focus on host independence, compared with the traditional hundreds of Web sites with a IP address, now the site of many the host is independent of host mode, this mode compared with the traditional model is a kind of progress.

as a webmaster in the choice of the host is a great mystery, the future development of the host to grasp the webmaster website, and a host to help website development, then requests the host with various elements, these elements can guarantee to ensure the smooth development of the website, the following details about some about the choice of host’s skills.

after the many years of experience, the author believes that a control flow of the host is worth buying host, why? The supplier in the host stability, grasp very accurate, will not cause your host temporarily not open, but not because of traffic limit run away so that, as a webmaster must select the host remember to choose strong stability of the host.

evaluation is false, the time of precipitation, customer service is the means to judge


may in general in the choice of the host have been attracted by the price of the host, the one-sided view of the host and the lower the price of more worth buying, this idea is wrong, and the host free project owners believe that the more the better, in fact, in the long run, and if you choose the price is low, the host free items, how can such a host with your website development? I tell you: cheap and free hosting is certainly not garbage host, said three days open, but you can be sure you are in bed when the host opened is intermittent, so as a webmaster to work at the other end of the host.

host selection is not a simple thing, if you want your website in the future.

select the host to see traffic flow control, shows strong stability of

as a webmaster we should give up on the surface of things, to look at the operation life and sales operation time of the website, customer service is said to do 24 hours of service, if these elements are available, so that a supplier is a responsible supplier, even if these are not the supplier itself is a lie, if you dare to host the rent, I can only say that you are asking for it.

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