From the love of Shanghai to learn how to improve the user experience

in URL processing, love Shanghai without the use of the classic tree directory, instead of using a flat directory. URL handling directory tree and flat type directory of the good, the reason is because the Shanghai love content and classification too much, if the tree processing, or even 4 level and 5 level of the directory. I love Shanghai has been using intuitive way to show. We can stand for different, choose different ways according to the actual demand to the website.

so we mentioned that web design simple, away from the point of the function even if there is no do things of no great importance. From this we can see that the mall version of Jingdong. The revision of the Jingdong after the mall than before a lot of refreshing.

, a simple

Two, the design of practical ? design

is the color, layout, copy and other a series of standards, or that is the style of the website. The sea fell in love with its products, blue and red is the main color use. So from the perspective of the user experience, the user of the product will undoubtedly deepen the impression. In the course of time, will also have the trust of the website. Also, from the layout, Shanghai love each product page layout is the same: the head of the LOGO+ search box, next is the navigation, then is the content, then the footer information. >

three, standard design of

will design simple complex and simple, it represents an idea of the development of the internet. 2 times, the user more and more critical of the design, requirements on the quality of the content is more and more high, if not the first time to find the content they need, or by a large number of irrelevant interference, so users will give up this web page browsing. The overall design ideas and love Shanghai, is clear, clear, clear. Almost all love Shanghai’s site by using the design idea of the main navigation + content area.

this is a very awkward title, in fact, what we mean is very simple, thanks to love Shanghai as a teacher, learning how to improve the user experience. Shanghai love for us, is a very good teacher. Because the page layout is limited, we need to express the content of a lot, so how can we make use of the limited space, the most accurate expression of meaning, at the same time to interact with the user generated

is a real high quality user experience of the website, this should be no need to "help" or "use". Users will can’t help according to the site of the operation, step by step, familiar with the site. Of course, now we can’t reach this height. We look at the love of Shanghai. We love Shanghai home needless to say, the search box + tag directly tell the user: you need to search what content, through the label under the search box to search. Even the most complex content love Shanghai encyclopedia, also prominently by title + paragraph introduces the way to tell the user what is the content of this site.

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