Awesome Shanghai Dragon operation and technique of Shanghai dragon sprocket


generally, with 33 Bo sprocket operation 20 days or so, can enhance the core site keywords ranking, core keywords up to home (provided that the competition is not too large)

2. ranking rose too fast, may lead to love love Shanghai Shanghai artificial intervention, the 11 phenomenon, how to solve the love of 11 Shanghai phenomenon, please see another article the author: "awesome Shanghai Dragon: on love Shanghai 11 now how to solve the"

on the wheel, you may be unfamiliar, but about the maneuverability of the sprocket and the effect has been verified, the sprocket is really effective, and keywords to optimize your site’s ranking has improved significantly.

chain form, common 10 Bo sprocket, 33 Bo sprocket, 55 Bo sprocket, the main mode of operation is to blog A blog B blog, B blog C. Blog J blog A, form a chain, so as to achieve the weights of the transfer function.

chain operation of the main body can be blog, can also be a website, or even forum, his thought is trying to link into a circle. In order to achieve the effect of weight transfer.


How to operate the ?There are a variety of

chain will lead to fall in love with sea K


the awesome Shanghai dragon original, welcome to reprint:

sprocket must use blog operation


each blog updated daily an article, must be original, and each link in a circle, into the anchor text in the article, the anchor text can is not related to the content, as long as a month, have effect.

1. sprocket process is the content of the original, and the maintenance of the blog, a lot of people doing the sprocket, the blog will be blocked when It is without rhyme or reason., this is my blog registered son not to fill in the relevant information, so that home do not use the software registration blog, not to use the software collection article Bowen, such consequences must fall in love with the sea station K blog was closed.

? How long is the periodic effect of station?

what are the sprocket form

chain?Note that

operation of the chain will lead to K station as long as the look is to update the blog content, if you are the acquisition, then the K station is inevitable, so must be effective pseudo original, or original articles, this method can be used for pseudo original articles combined into an article to achieve.

What need to pay attention to in the process of


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