General optimization principle in the station of the editor


3 to determine the title of the article (or pseudo original excerpt must change the title, and try to put the key words on the front, the premise is smooth, does not affect the meaning of the title)


before I wrote a few articles about the Shanghai dragon in this article, we do Shanghai Longfeng, sometimes need to yourself to write articles to around key words to write articles, when editing written articles you modify publication of the general review article to add links and so on, in this paper I compiled some articles editor the work of the general principle of optimization for everyone to understand what the problem is, welcome to point out.

5. contents of the article, the same number of keywords appear as not more than 6 times.

7 note with a page oriented home page link is not easy too much, in order to prevent cheating that love Shanghai. So, the anchor text to guide the comprehensive distribution of keywords, as far as possible to avoid leaning to either side is clear. Keywords control in each content page 3, key words too much will affect the relevance of content and keywords ranking. Keywords between closely related to. Long tail keywords can anchor text links to related pages.


3. first appeared with anchor text keywords and black, core keywords chain to the home page, column page to chain secondary keywords, long tail keywords chain to the relevant content page.

2 writing forms, including news, interviews, stories, description, dynamic, sharing, theory etc..

article release steps:

9 if there is wrong.

Keywords with uniform

2. the first paragraph of the article, the first 10 characters to appear keywords.

8 pseudo original or copied to modify the head section and the rear section.


6 requires a small title, headings and black display.

1. Title try to contain the keywords (try to match)

distribution principle

4. each article up 3 anchor text, each anchor text appears at most once. Don’t have multiple anchor text pointing to the same page.

before the end of 6. characters to appear keywords.

4 the length (in general, the best control in 500-800 or

5 distribution (first segment within 10 words to try to contain the keywords, the end try to contain the keywords, the middle part of the appropriate distance embedded keywords, the premise is to control the flow of natural, and the keyword density to 2%-8%, if it is a 500 word article, a number of key words about control in 2-4)

collected 1 articles related to the theme of material, including words, paragraphs, articles, pictures, even including comments, background, etc. examples.

Check the

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