f no Lei then read the book, today there is no millet

Not long ago,

co-founder Lin Bin millet, when Zhongshan University to attend the lecture, inadvertently revealed that millet valuation has reached $80 billion, while millet did not respond positively, the company which was founded in 2010, is really enough success.

, a company with only 5 years of history, has now become the world’s first domestic sales, global sales of mobile phone manufacturers in fifth, but also created a new business model and ideas. Of course, this is the first work of all its founder Lei Jun.

Lei Jun millet before the creation, has served as chairman of the board for many years, he invested a large number of companies have also been a good growth. He also had 04 years ago when the sale of excellence network has achieved wealth freedom. However, due to the golden years in the fight with Microsoft missed the opportunity of the Internet, and later listed or rely on the game business. In recent years, Lei Jun has been the age of 40, although Ma Yun and Ma Huateng can’t match, but also can achieve success and win recognition.

back in 1986, there was a debate about Apple’s conference in Beijing, a young man skipped school to watch, apple made the young man leave a fire. This young man is called Chen Haozhi, today he established touch technology, one of the largest hand travel companies. The reason why Chen Haozhi is so obsessed with Apple products is a book called "the fire of Silicon Valley.".

this book has a profound impact on China, when not many young people because of this book and know the computer, the Internet, know Jobs, and therefore embarked on the entrepreneurial path. This includes, now in the limelight of the lei.

Lei once mentioned the story in Wuhan speech:

when I was 18 years old, I was a freshman in college, and I was very surprised. I read a book in the library. This book plays a decisive role in my life.

the title of the book I remember very clearly, called "the fire of Silicon Valley", this book is about 2 pieces of 1 years, published in the book, the book tells the story of these Silicon Valley heroes Jobs entrepreneurship. Look at this book, my heart is like a raging fire in the burning, excited several did not sleep at night. Then I walked over and over again in the stadium, it was difficult to calm. In the process of Wuda playground again and again walked in, I laid a dream of life — day must do some shaking heaven and earth. I am born to be useful, days after he must do a great man.

Lei Jun has been successful in the Jinshan, 37 years old, he had been considering retirement, and then do things to invest. However, the dream of youth again in his heart:

night dream wake up and feel like a dream from far away, I asked myself whether I have the courage to come back. In fact, it is difficult to answer this question, I think more than half a year before the determination, regardless of the creation

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