To combat the Zblog blog case Shanghai dragon


keywords ranking, three days of work had some effect.

opened the pseudo static, completes the first domain to achieve 301 steering home URL standard. Here I am posting the WIN platform space my httpd.ini file, on what is the best domain, and what is the 301 turn, what is the URL standard, this is not done in detail, can refer to the related articles.


opened the pseudo static and log function for the website space;

will not bring the WWW or a W, two WW and four WWWW on to the main domain name with WWW. The purpose is to unify the URL and concentration of the weight of the domain name; and why to resolve these several forms, because the number of W, some customers will be wrong. Another Shanghai dragon is not to let go of any one may become the target customers, so we will customers may input the wrong may all together, so that it would be.

, select the target keywords, keywords competition analysis;

httpd pseudo static configuration file

This is in contrast

target keywords ranking



target keywords: Fuzhou Fuzhou packaging design, brand design, Fuzhou advertising design, Fuzhou trademark design from the target keyword selection, we can get what information? That is to determine the main business, and determine the business area. Why not optimize the main business words? Although now network has no regional restrictions, but to talk about business, some time or location of the limit by. The company is located in Fuzhou, more business or from the surrounding area of Fuzhou. Keywords so as to put the area, will make your target customers more clear.

website and keywords ranking record: you need to know your work is effective, so first you formally received website business of the day included, and keywords ranking record, to optimize your do after a period of time, to query the data of, know your Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the effect. This is the website included comparison, also said the work of the three day.

two, the station optimization

although very short time is only 3 days, have the effect immediately, why should this record, only to let you can work at any time of the monitoring, but also to you the next step of the work to make more confident. As we all know, Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a long cycle of work, have a very strong executive power, so work is also makes you continue to work hard power.

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