The site in the search of three steps of the algorithm is correct adjustment should be carried out a


when the owners found themselves after the site was search engine shielding the first thing is to check the website, a comprehensive website for scanning. The 1. station first thing should be scanned using webmaster tools, through the Shanghai dragon query, dead link query, query and other related tools to analyze love station links, page, keywords, description and so on. 2. through statistical analysis software and web site data, check whether the site has the bounce rate is too high, the problem of low rate of page access. 3. to check the website page code, observe the code jump site if there are pages open, the site has been K problem. 4. check if the site Links website not open, search engine drop right problem. 5. to observe their website is how long of the page, from which we can find out the specific time of the site is down right.

, for solving the problem are summarized and improved.

after several steps ahead of you will find that there are some problems of the site, generally sites have a dead link, the chain does not open, the bounce rate too high, in the face of this situation requires a comprehensive clean-up of the site, the method is to delete some dead links. The content is not important links all deleted, if the chain site is not open or K links, these links in the site immediately to clean, can be eliminated by the link management web site, also can directly through the code file to delete, many novice webmaster can not find these links here you a little skill, can through the ctrl+f search function to find these links, and then delete the code directly into the file. The site will also affect the high bounce rate website rankings and included, so Web pages will adjust if the jump rate of more than thirty percent must adjust web pages can be website images for content, to enrich the content of the website, make the site after the user enter content can be read. With demand can be achieved.

May love Shanghai search engine on its algorithm was a major adjustment in this adjustment, there are numerous sites blocked, be right down, many owners want to do psychology in my site cannot recover? In fact, this love Shanghai algorithm adjustment is not a personal webmaster, but want to through this establish the correct adjustment let the webmaster website process and website development concept in the future site, I also have a few websites by search engine temporarily blocked shortly before, but with the right approach and the site is now returned to normal, the author to share some of the web site search engine for the correct response to the temporary shielding after now, I hope to those who have not recovered site webmaster can open a beacon.

two, the discovery of the problem to clean up, to solve the problem of

After three

, a website for full scan, found the problem

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