What kind of ability is qualified is qualified in Shanghai dragon er

: the first web site with the basic knowledge of

third: Master comprehensive knowledge of

like Shanghai, Google and other search engines, general search engine optimization has released the document data on the contents of these documents must fully grasp, not only to see the same point of the two search engines, we should also pay attention to the two little difference in what place, also should be able to see out of the two search engine optimization of website of partial key. As for the other search engines, the Shanghai dragon aspects does not seem to be related documents, so we can think that as long as the love of Shanghai and Google optimization good place, also suitable for other search engines.

website optimizationFor example, the

on the web grammar very skilled. For a variety of web design language, such as ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP and other mainstream design language, are very skilled. As a web page design to optimize personnel, if not too understand, will not be able to "change, it will be difficult for web optimization, because, in order to optimize web pages, and to make corresponding changes to the web page. Therefore, mastering the "grammar and web design language, for a website optimization personnel is a must have.

in Shanghai Longfeng staff should know on the website optimization effect may not appear in the short term can, on the site optimization to be prepared to fight a protracted war. At the same time also should have sufficient confidence in their optimization method, not on optimization does not go up, died.

fourth: strong enough quality in the heart of

a lot of people want to engage in Shanghai Longfeng website optimization industry, but to become a qualified Shanghai dragon website optimization if you "qualified"? To solve this problem, the author is quite has the right to speak, how to say? I also did in the website optimization industry fought for so many years, since that in this industry is able to perform the job. So here I will usually do in the optimization work requirements and should have the ability for buddies to introduce, hope like me in Shanghai Longfeng website optimization personnel can see whether they are against each other, do these requirements, whether or not qualified as a qualified personnel in Shanghai dragon?

familiar with the main search engine

second: website optimization rules

keyword selection and optimization, selection and optimization of long tail keywords, the site of the internal links of the implementation, the external links of construction, dynamic static page, robots.txt file, using 404 and 301 page redirection, website image optimization, top-level domain and the two domain of mutual promotion and so on, all need to understand and to make full use of. Master comprehensive knowledge of website optimization, can effectively enhance the degree of search, and enhance the weight of the site, increase site traffic, so as to enhance the web site in the search engine ranking.


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