How to share Shanghai Dragon how to do keywords suspended in midair

generally encountered such a problem, most of the Shanghai dragon Er will tell Frank questions: give up treatment, man. In fact, how often to love this answer, why give up the treatment of

The general situation of the This is

second, half-dead sites have such problems. Early may be some small problems, but once for a long time, accumulated more, it will become a big problem. However, the problem still is not a problem, the biggest problem is that you are going to find one of these problems and correct them, this is the biggest problem.

often encounter such problems: a certain website keywords to do the optimization for a long time, but also keywords have been suspended in midair, hovering in the four or five page, how to do do not go up, the sudden death of individual Na ([email protected][email protected]=)


first, optimization of the golden period is three or four months, within three or four months if you do not have to do website ranking before three pages (of course is that competition is not too fierce, if some thousands of opponents are super large index that red words, or that, you little people he declined to comment on the website for you), this love that is the impression of Shanghai. To turn a personal impression, from good to bad, from bad to good that it is very difficult to love, just like Shanghai.

third, half-dead station and dead station is not the same, half-dead station can still save it, but the problem is that the rescue costs may be relatively high. To what extent? If the quality of your optimization work in the first three months called the 1 number called the 1, so the quality of your rescue work work may be required to increase to 3 while the number may also need to upgrade to 2.


website is like this, a 200 index word, competition medium, the optimization work done more nervous, how nervous I will not go into details. About three months to rescue home (because of the limited time and energy, save only one word).

some time ago to the rescue of a site, in fact, the list of Shanghai dragon Er is not love, but the owner of this website is a good friend, but the key is still a adorable girl, then you fall. Because the rescue in his spare time, the effect is not very good, here just as an example for everyone to see it.

generally work: pre spent three nights for a web site, and then generally can change where have changed. Adorable girl then companies also have their own electricity supplier team (in fact, is a professional network and telephone sales team, now many small companies have such a team, says that the electricity supplier team), give some suggestions and opinions (they will find some B2B and classified information online to fool the release of information I am here, is to help sort out a bit more valuable and simple website platform to release information technique has made some changes.

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