Traditional media business, do not fly place, more to go

Abstract: media internal entrepreneurship this kind of thing, basically, is a contest set a atmosphere. You really want to roll up their sleeves, no reliable place to go more. Basically can be divided into two words: no solution.



traditional media entrepreneurship this thing has recently been very hot.

In fact, it is the background of

is nothing more than this: a lot of people in the media to consider leaving the traditional media, some of which belong to their own business, because there is no lack of example effect in front. Coupled with the current capital market is still rich, some senior media people have a certain social circle, access to early financing, but also relatively easy.

any organization, the most precious is talent. People have run away, don’t play. Then, an entrepreneurial idea is to encourage internal logical appear: can find good projects, but also to hold the media want to leave one’s heart, Why not?? and the media people, at least there is a state-owned company cover, the total risk than smaller lakes came.

sounds like a good thing, but in fact very tangled.


the first question is: how to look at the internal entrepreneurs.

theory, entrepreneurship should be no way back. If a media person is willing to start their own business, Ta should bear the consequences of entrepreneurial failure. Frankly speaking, is the business failure, please pack up and leave, no matter you are or is deputy director or editor or editor or.

this truth in the rivers and lakes is basically established, but placed in the media, it is very backward. Experienced so-called senior media people, the size of a mixed year, there may be level, there may be jobs, so that all of a sudden all the way down, a bit hesitant.


, a lot of media people is leaving the business? That’s the first throw level position to do a close call things, why they can, while internal entrepreneurship can not? This problem after the volume analysis.

second link is how to treat the relationship between the project and the group.

most of the media internal entrepreneurship projects, and the group has some relevance, for example, can use the group’s resources: including and not limited to media resources, administrative resources, customer resources, etc..

investment in these resources, can not say that a penny is not worth, but also can not be called a high price. There was a media group, a public number, I had done some internal media fast, the group would like to invest, the opening is actually "newspaper brand resources", but also accounted for a large share of this business with a fool.

and these two problems are superficial, there is only one of its deep-seated problems, and, without exaggeration to say that this deep-seated problem, almost no solution.



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