Accelerate the use of CND website do need to pay attention to the link of Shanghai Dragon


home page:

, using CND

is not used before CND acceleration, just listen to others to say why don’t know much about it, do not dare to use. Prudence I also specially on the Internet for some information, the above said accelerate the use of CND not what effect on the site of Shanghai dragon, and also accelerate stand in the perspective of the user experience, not only has no effect on it and the positive effect of Shanghai dragon.

see the Internet used CDN to accelerate the webmaster, analysis of the function and descriptions on the pros and cons of the Shanghai dragon was an under the heart, so immediately to their website using CDN. Through the analysis of some settings and IP website, finally can normal visit, but the speed is significantly improved, this also is secretly finally solved the website can not access the problem. However, the morning of the second day look dumbfounded when ranking sites. Not only no website ranking, but also did not have even home page. At this time, the first reaction may be CDN, because I do not have any action, and the original content is normal. This immediately login web server to view the site date, this view to Charles does not know, although there are a lot of spiders to visit, but did not capture any of the page data, and GET are not what page information behind.


spider visit data, resulting in the elimination of

for the first timeBecause

below is eliminated and the front page spider visit:


These are personal was home

after using the CDN website to accelerate some lessons of experience, although some owners said online using CDN without what negative impact on the website of Shanghai dragon, but I have met.

therefore, I use simulation tools to view the site webmaster spider. It was found that the simulation spiders showing what content is not blank. Then wake up, the original is a spider that my web page has no content, we usually say do not frequently modify the title page, and my home is not even a sign saying the title did not lead to the elimination of the home is inevitable. Therefore, the thought of using the third DNS domain name analytic platform for a single spider crawling IP address. Then use the simulation tools to check the webmaster spider site again, has been able to properly grasp. On the second day and then check the website, surprised to find that some web site keywords ranking recovery, and the log normal spider can also capture data. Although some words have minor website ranking, but the main keywords ranking has not fully recovered snapshot back, but eventually came up, also want to master key can quickly recover.

screenshot below is restored

three, adding spiders independent access IP, ranking recovery



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