Alert four different search engine punishment

severe punishment is a type of serious punishment. The cause of severe punishment is usually a serious breach of the items banned from the search engines, such as the use of black hat means of cheating, get good rankings, a large number of clicks through the illegal use of mass of large mass outside the chain, the website to modify the theme and content, hang black chain, website and link the sale and so on. Severe punishment after the performance of the site is not updated snapshot stop, all long-term keywords ranking, website basic weight, website ranking, site home page without missing or near, ""

third: severe punishment.

1: a mild punishment.

compared to the mild moderate punishment to some serious punishment. The general is to appear on the website the wide range and frequent revision, revision site title site uses black hat optimization methods, such as the purchase link, keyword optimization excessive, there are security risks, and the website website is linked to the horse, the mass of the chain, Links has punished website, website content acquisition over etc.. Moderate punishment by search engine website, mostly for snapshot stop updating, keywords ranking drop, some keywords decreased to 100 after site, home is not on the first page, the inside pages also appeared in varying degrees of decline, the decline in the number of pages included etc.. For moderate punishment, Shanghai dragon website optimization personnel should be paid more attention, immediately find out the reasons, corrected immediately, so as not to hurt the site further. At the same time the station should do the original content update as soon as possible so that the search engine on the recovery of the web of trust.

in Shanghai Longfeng website optimization, in fact there is a certain risk of search engine punishment. Once the excessive optimization, or adopted a "black hat" means the site is likely to be punished by the right down, correlation and content on the website is not good also may cause punishment. Therefore, we do Shanghai Longfeng website optimization work, must be very cautious. Here, the author talk about search engine punishment according to the different performance of the site’s the punishment system, hoping to be able to engage in website optimization webmaster a warning.

second: moderate punishment.

mild punishment for search engine lighter punishment types, usually appeared on the website for less serious mistakes, mistakes, to search unfriendly or irregularities, such as stability of website modify title, modify the site keywords, website, website content revision of small amplitude correlation is not good, not good, site space the chain is not high quality, the chain is not stable, Links there are punished website memory in the acquisition of the contents and so on. Mild punishment usually weight effect on the site itself is not too big, a little effect on the website ranking, keyword ranking will generally appear overall small decline, or stop updating the snapshot update frequency decreased, and even the phenomenon of snapshot backwards. We can use these phenomena to determine whether a site has been punished, and punished the degree.

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