What factors will influence the website server

server hosting provider to server settings so uneven in quality, also all kinds of. For example, the default settings of the server is banned some search engines all web server in the server; some on the 404 page (Not found, does not exist on the server), will head the 200 status code is returned, which leads to the search engine has a large number of false copy the contents of this website, from punish.

so when choosing a server, weights, etc. prior to the observation included with IP other websites. Or there may be  collateral damage . Remember the gates of fire affecting the fish, he said.

hopes that the web server is firm, stable, tough, Seattle is every webmaster’s dream. However, many webmaster and not enough money to buy high configuration servers, many owners are helpless with cheap, or even free space. Because the server is not stable, so the website three days a small hanging, five days a Dang; because the server access speed is slow, the user experience is very poor, so already anxious visitors, make a prompt decision behind you. If things go on like this will seriously affect the number of user experience and love the spider to visit Shanghai, and eventually lead to poor site keywords ranking.

although the search engine has made it clear that he will not discriminate against dynamic URL, static URL also did not have a special liking, URL is dynamic, static does not affect the keywords ranking. But Xiamen Shanghai dragon believes that with the static URL description description tags, although the search engine also made it clear that the standard description >

extreme example: black hat ER in Shanghai Longfeng rented server placed in the website with clear mark all cheating.

factors influence ranking four, the server does not support URL rewrite function

ranking factors three, the server is not stable / slow access speed

Because the The influence of

, the two factors influence ranking server settings

Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together. If more than 80% of the site to a server are marked cheating mark, if your site is just at this server, so in the eyes of the search engines, even if your site is "silt but don’t dye", "Everyone is filthy. I clear" the innocence of the body, I also suffer by search engines all the family’s fate.

website ranking factors a server, most of the cheating

The influence of

to do his work well, must first sharpen his tools. All this fit all. Since time immemorial, has always been the "An army marches on its stomach." Search engine optimization in Shanghai dragon world, you need to "the website did not move, the first server." Then, the server has a close relationship which ties and the Shanghai dragon? Here to tell you that factors affect the server site keywords ranking.

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